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Chevrolet has long been an innovator and leader in the automotive industry. They are the first in the industry to introduce 4G LTE wifi hotspots in their vehicles. They have also created bold designs and comfort features to rival the competition on the playing field. Chevrolet has issued a challenge of sorts. They are challenging developers to create the next best thing in the automotive space.

Chevrolet attended TechCrunch Disrupt in San Francisco in 2014 and offered developers the opportunity to create apps that might influence the evolution of the driving experience. Twenty six teams took on the challenge to to create in-vehicle or remote apps using the Chevrolet API (application programming interface) and SDK (software development kit). They provided the programmers pizza, energy drinks, and the chance to win $2,500 and only 24 hours to complete it.

After completion, each team had only 60 seconds to pitch their idea. Projects ranged from brainwave headbands that wake you up if you get drowsy, to a black box app that turns on a camera if it suspects a possible collision to record the accident. Two teams were chosen and awarded $2,500 each.

Winning apps include Sodr, which uses user friendly competition to foster more fuel efficient driving (created by Ricky Chu), and SyncTravel, a road trip app that lets you know if your friend’s cars have left the agreed upon route, while displaying their current position (created by Raj Desikavinayago Pillai and Sumeet Rohatgi).

These developers made the cars more fun and interesting, while connecting you to your friends. One helps you caravan with your group, and the other issues a challenge to see who can drive more fuel efficiently.

Written by CQ Livingston

When it comes to cars, I believe that they are meant to be driven. They shouldn't be parked in a museum regardless of how expensive they are. If they can go, they should go!

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