2005 Nissan GT-R Prototype

Auto shows are a great way to learn about vehicles and what automakers are planning to bring to market, but what is even better is when you can see a concept that eventually does make it to the dealerships for sale.  When we get the view of cars that will come to market its great to look at the differences or similarities between the car that was at the show and the one that finally went into production.  Here are some concepts that made it to production for us to compare between the concept and the model we get to drive.

1999 BMW Z9 Gran TurismoThis car showcased the new design that would become part of the BMW lineup.  For the 1990s BMW offered a great deal of amazing cars but decided it was time for a change.  This car when presented at shows was considered to be ugly and even had an early iDrive version installed in the car to show us more of the future of the brand.

2003 BMW 6-SeriesThe design of the Z9 was used in the 2002 7-Series and again in the 2003 6-Series coupe to give us smoother lines and a more attractive design than ever.  This design that became the production version of these cars were sold at a much better rate than most of the models before them.  The 7-Seires became a top seller and we quickly fell in love with the new style.

2012 Acura NSX ConceptEven though the last NSX was made in 2005 there was a new concept offered in 2007 that was completely different with a front-engine V10 that did not make it at all.  In 2012 this new concept showed up that was a proper mid-engine AWD hybrid model that would be the new NSX that we would all get to enjoy.

2015 Acura NSX The new NSX showed up in showrooms for this year to be one of the most exciting cars on the market that was ready for us to drive and have an awesome sports car that would give us the ride we want.  The luxury brand of Honda makes it much better for the height of exclusive luxury driving of the sports car that carries such a positive name.

2008 Land Rover LRX ConceptFor generations the Land Rover offerings we enjoyed were boxy and offers little in the way of style.  The LRX concept that showed up in 2008 as a small and stylish design that offered a sporty look with gorgeous lines that were meant to attract a more youthful clientele.  This concept would become the next version of Land Rovers for us to enjoy.

2012 Range Rover EvoqueCarrying the new style that came out of the LRX concept line in 2008 the Range Rover Evoque is one of the most attractive Land Rover models we have ever enjoyed.  This is the Land Rover that is made for the street and for the outdoors to be a vehicle that can be shown off to anyone for you to impress.

1993 Porsche Boxster Concept This was a car that gave us back some of the roots of the Porsche name and lineup.  This Boxster lineup went back to having a rear engine sports car that would be perfect for us to drive and give us more of what we want from Porsche, the right power and design to be the sports car we had been missing when the front engine 944, 968 and 928 were offered.

1997 Porsche BoxsterAfter four years the Boxster made it to production to be one of the cars that we would and still love.  This car offered a 204 horsepower mid-engine from a water cooled flat six-cylinder build.  The car looked more like the 911 than the concept from four years earlier, but no one seemed to care as the Boxster quickly became one of the most popular Porsche models in decades.

2005 Jeep Rescue Concept – Jeep was built on the Wrangler, but that was a vehicle that is made as a midsized SUV rather than a full size mode.  The Rescue was made to be a full size Jeep and show us a look we would admire and would eventually make its way to the market as a different name, but still a large 4×4 Jeep.

2007 Jeep Wrangler – The JK Wrangler of 2007 was built off the Rescue concept to be a vehicle that is larger than the typical Wrangler and be the basis for the Cherokee models we see today.  Even though this model carried in typical Jeep features it was certainly one that offers a larger build and a more impressive platform than before.

1997 Mini ACV 30BMW bought the Mini brand from the Rover Group with the goal to remake the brand and bring us a new retro version of the Mini ACV 30.  This concept was made to honor the thirty years since the 1967 win at Monte Carlo for the mini and it certainly appeared to be a fitting tribute to this car of the earlier days.

2001 Mini Cooper Although the design was dialed back a bit from the ACV 30 concept the Cooper that was brought to market offered a style that was unique and gave us a true throwback style of a great looking car.  The ACV was built with more aggressive lines, but the actual production model that made it on the streets was more akin to the original.

2005 Nissan GT-R PrototypeThis car had so much potential from Nissan it was nicknamed Godzilla which Japan saves for things that are only made to be amazing.  This version never made it to the US, but as it showed off at the Tokyo Motor Show we certainly wanted the turbocharged AWD car that could tear up our streets and tracks.

2008 Nissan GT-R – The production version that came out in 2008 looked just like the concept that was offered.  This car was quicker around the Nurburgring track than anything else had been to that point.  This model offered close to 600 horsepower which was an increase from 485 that has been offered originally.

Written by Kerry Marasco

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