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When it comes to buying a new car some dealers add options to their lineup of vehicles before you even get a look at it.  For the most part this is great as the features added typically benefit you in your life easily.  On the other hand, there are dealer options you can choose from as you move through the process give you something to think about, but when purchasing a vehicle there are some that make sense and others you can purchase elsewhere for less.  One of the greatest benefits of dealer options is the fact the features that are offered fit your vehicle perfectly to make sure you have an item that will be the right fit and function in your vehicle. 

With that in mind, let’s look at options you should consider and options you should avoid.

Consider and Worth the Price

Clear Bra – While not as popular as they once were a cover for the vehicle that takes the brunt of the bugs and debris is a benefit to you and will help save your paint from chipping.  This is a great option to add from the dealership and with the ones that are clear now it won’t be as obvious your car has the added protection you want while driving around.

Performance UpgradesWhen you buy a performance car you want to have the added benefit of the upgrades that are right for your vehicle.  Adding an exhaust, brakes, springs or other parts that are meant to improve performance can be more affordable when added to your monthly payment.

Seasonal Floor MatsThese are awesome for protecting your carpets in the vehicle and can carry the vehicle logo for you to show off more pride in your purchase.  With these mats your carpets won’t end up with snow, mud or other weather related materials imbedded in them.

Tire Storage – Several vehicles are offered now with seasonal tires on them that are great for the warmer months.  Add the winter tires to the deal and ask for storage of these tires at the dealership and you can enjoy always driving on the right tires and have the payment of these costly items spread over time.

Graphics – Adding pinstriping and other graphics at the dealer is the best choice.  The dealer will know the right way to ensure these graphics are able to be enjoyed on your vehicle and made to be durable.  Let the dealer handle adding some flair to your new hot ride.

Avoid Not Worth the Cost

Rust Proofing – Because this is a maintenance feature that should be done at least once a year when you live in an area where salt will be used in the winter you should have this done at a service shop and not put on as a dealer add on. 

Paint Protection – This is simply a fancy way of saying an added layer of wax will be added to the vehicle, which you can add yourself or have done at a car wash station.  This is an option to avoid and take care of yourself because it is another maintenance item that will need to be done regularly.

Extended Warranty – This is an on the fence item and you should consider the deal before choosing any extended vehicle warranty.  Review the manufacturer’s warranty first and see what the extended warranty offers you an addition.  There are some extended warranties that are worth the money; just use caution when buying this dealer add on.

Anti-Theft Alarms – Many vehicles now come with alarms built into the vehicle at the factory, which makes this redundancy something to avoid.  If your vehicle does not come with an alarm already installed, review the choices before adding this to your new purchase.

Nitrogen – Filling tires with nitrogen has become a huge positive from dealerships because it doesn’t react to temperature changes as much as air, but if you live in an area where the temperatures don’t change much you can simply use air and receive the same performance from your vehicle.

Some of these features that I suggest you avoid, you might find valuable and decide they are worth the money, on the other hand, if you are trying to keep your payments lower it’s important to understand the difference between maintenance items and items that are actually added to your vehicle that improve its value and performance.

Written by Kerry Marasco

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