06.06.16 - 2016 Alfa Romeo 4C

In the world of exotic names, there are times when you just can’t stomach the idea of paying the high price of the names that we all know and admire. Alfa Romeo is one of those names and it comes from Italy, the same as some of the other names you love to think about, but this car isn’t nearly as expensive of some of the other names. The fun you can have in a small roadster with this style and the right balance between power and performance is amazing and can only be enjoyed from behind the wheel of this great car.

If agility is your path to a fun ride the 4C is the car you will want to drive. This car offers you the style and the performance you want to be able to enjoy the driving experience on the open road. With the 4C you will feel like the car knows where you want to go before you do. This feeling gives you the confidence to run through the curves of any mountain pass, along with a canyon ridge or just for a cruise down by the beach. The 4C has been upgraded with the Carbon Fiber Trim package a new Alpine stereo, upgraded speakers, a lockable console, a premium leather interior upgrade and a dual mode electronically controlled exhaust.

What should driving be to you? If you want a straight line sprint or a car that will tear up the track ahead of every other car out there this is not the one for you. On the other hand, if you want a raw driving experience that makes you enjoy the suspension’s firmness, the steering perfection and the feel of every twist and turn this is the car for you. As one of the only cars on the road today that doesn’t have power steering you can be surprised by how much you will truly enjoy driving this awesome car.

Under the hood of this awesome car is an engine you won’t expect to find in a sports car. this engine is a 1.7-liter turbocharged inline four-cylinder engine that brings you a full 237 horsepower and 258 lb.-ft. of torque. This engine will be heard in the cockpit and the dual clutch automatic transmission that will be able to act like a typical automatic when you want it to. This car feels like it should and gives you the drive you want to experience from inside the cockpit while offering you the fuel mileage of 24 city/34 hwy mpg to be a way you can keep on driving.

As a car that isn’t meant to offer you the modern features, you are used to seeing, the 4C does give you the high-quality materials that make it a wonderful place to enjoy a drive. The seats are manually adjustable and offer a slight recline but are actually very comfortable and offer you plenty of room to enjoy the ride.

On the outside, you will have a hard time taking your eyes off this car. It truly does have the Italian style you want and is a roadster that is perfected to be a drive you want to admire. You can see the influence from the 1960s that make for a perfect looking sports car that will give you the ride you want to have. As a small sports car, this car sits so low to the ground the 4C is a car that offers you the look, the feel and the connected drive you will enjoy on every single drive inside this awesome car.

The 4C doesn’t come loaded to the gills like some sports cars. It’s more about the drive and less about the frills. Even so, you will have some great features as the standard fare in this car including the power windows, air conditioning, a seven-inch color gauge cluster, a four-speaker audio system, USB ports, four driving modes to allow you to choose the way you want to drive, a full menu of airbags, stability control, traction control and hill start assist to give you a car that has what you need and doesn’t go overboard so that you can feel the drive.

Of course, you can have some great options as well in this car. There is the Spider edition which offers you the convertible option you need. There is also cruise control, bi-xenon headlights, a dual mode titanium exhaust, the track package that offers you firmer shocks, larger anti roll bars, Pirelli P Zero AR Racing tires, a special steering wheel, rear parking sensor and a few more extras. This is a car that can be fun on the track but is better suited as a road carver on the open areas of the world that offer the right challenge for the 4C.

When it comes to favorites the two that stand out the most are the carbon fiber monocoque and the unaided steering system. The carbon fiber is something surprising to find on a car of this price but it makes the car firmer and lighter at the same time. Not often do you see a car that doesn’t have the power steering and with the 4C, the fact that it’s not present makes it even more fun to drive and a perfect car for those who feel they are driving purists that want to enjoy a car that gives them a feeling of the older days of driving.

At the base price for the 4C you will be asked to pay $57,500 which is extremely reasonable for a car that is considered and Italian exotic. If you choose the Spider you will be looking at a price of $67,500 and for each of these cars you can expect to pay about $10,000 more if you want them fully loaded. The 4C is a fun car to look at, ride in and drive and is a car you could easily make your next favorite sports car to be the one you want to drive on weekends, but won’t feel too bad about driving all week long.  Visit your local Alfa Romeo dealer to experience all that the 4C has to offer first hand.

Written by CQ Livingston

When it comes to cars, I believe that they are meant to be driven. They shouldn't be parked in a museum regardless of how expensive they are. If they can go, they should go!

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