11.03.16 - BMW 5 Series

In the BMW lineup the 7 Series has reigned as king of the models for many years. As the flagship model from BMW the advancements and impressive styling of this top of the line car have been singular in the lineup. This seems to be coming to an end but that’s not an end that will be mourned at all. Instead of keeping all the top of the line goodies for itself, BMW has asked the 7 Series to share its goodies with some of the other models in the stable which makes for an impressive new model.

That new model is the completely redesigned 5 Series which did have photos leaked on the internet ahead of the actual unveiling of the car. This comes as no surprise considering nearly every new car that comes to the market has some form of impressive changes that we want to see and most of the time we have photos that are leaked before the big reveal. It appears this is similar to a soft opening of a store or business to see what the public reaction will be and with the 5 Series we get to see the car before BMW showed it off.

What we see with this new 5 Series isn’t a car that looks like a larger version of the3 Series, which the 5 Series has been for many years; instead we see one that has the designs that make it seem like a smaller version of the 7 Series. This look comes from seeing a more aggressive front end with sleeker and slimmer headlights that look like they’re coming out of the grill in an impressive manner. The grill offers more prominent looks with a bolder design and the front bumpers have larger air intake openings along with daytime running lights.

In the back of the car the look is even more akin to the 7 Series with a trunk that has a small lip, long and slim tail lights and exhaust tips that are trapezoidal in shape. Typically these features are all reserved for the higher end models from BMW, but now they make their way to the 5 Series for you to enjoy. On the inside of the car you can see a center console that has chrome elements to give it a similar look and feel to the 7 series. This look includes an LCD screen that’s bright and easy to use, or at least it looks that way.

After the official unveiling of this new model you can be certain there will be more information, but this was what could be surmised just from a few pictures that were leaked on the internet for us to review and admire. The new 5 Series is ready to be the class act that BMW wants it to be and offer us the perfect blend of the classic luxury of the 7 Series to go along with the dynamic driving ability of the 3 Series.

Written by Blaine Traber

I enjoy Design and Architecture. This includes cars, I have always loved the design of a vehicle and it is what led me to work in the Automotive Industry at Honda. I'm also a freelance automotive journalist.

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