01.09.17 - Toyota Supra

We have only seen some possibilities, but those are enough to make us extremely excited by the idea of a new Toyota Supra that might make its way back to the market. It’s no secret that the last Supra was a car that we loved to drive. It had style, it had power, it had quickness and most of all it was a car that tuners could upgrade and make better than ever. The new Supra isn’t here yet, and there’s no guarantee we’re going to get one anytime soon, but a rendering has been done and it’s an amazing depiction of what this car might be.

The rendering was done by Tobias Buttner, and it was based off a the FT-1 Concept, which is believed to be what the new Supra will be built from. What you see when you look at the rendering is a car that’s built with a long and low hood to house a powerful but technologically advanced engine. You see a two seater cockpit that rides right and puts you in control of the car and you see a low slung downforce laden car that’s ready to come back to the market and take charge of the racing we love to do.

Most recently there have been spy photos taken of what might be the Supra as it was testing. These photos give us an idea of the size and shape of this car to make it possible for us to understand what we’re dealing with. This car showed off sweeping curves and large air intakes to be a car that’s ready to breath fire and take down any challengers. What makes this even more interesting is the fact that this new Supra should be a car that’s been built in conjunction with BMW to be a car that will have the driving dynamics that are perfect.

Even the engine is a secret thus far, but it does make sense to marry up a strong turbocharged inline six-cylinder engine under the hood of this car to have the right power plant. This would be sourced from BMW who has perfected this engine. Another option would be the turbocharged V6 engine that’s part of the Lexus lineup already. Either way, it doesn’t seem to be the right car to go up to a V8 or larger as that might take away from the agility we want to enjoy.

Hopefully a new version of the Supra will be revealed sometime in the near future. Possibly this new Toyota could be shown at the same time as the next BMW Z car, the Z5 is offered to give us a great look at the pair together so that we can see these cars that are ready to be top performers on the market form these two brands.

The renderings alone make it easy for us to see how exciting this new car could be if it comes in looking anything like what the artist put together. Only time will tell us exactly what the new Supra will look like, but you can bet it will be a new car that will offer you the ride you want and the excitement you’re hoping for when you head out to the track.

Written by Carl Durrek

Carl is a gaming fanatic, forever stuck on Reddit and all-around lover of food. He writes about cars for several publications and lives in northern California.

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