01.18.17 - Chevrolet Camaro SS

When your reputation is built on being the best at taking something special and creating something even more special for a customer you need to make sure you’re delivering on your promise every single day. The Ringbrothers cars are known for being some of the most powerful machines on the market when it comes to cars that are built to be a little different than what they were normally built to be, but these cars are something even more special than what you expect. Their latest creation was certainly a car that you could sink your teeth into and love the ride.

The most recent car built by this team was one that is an iconic car that we’ve all admired at some time or another. This car was a 1969 Chevrolet Camaro that the Ringbrothers found a way to boost and build into an insanely powerful and beautiful car that’s perfect for you to enjoy the ride. To start the thought process, this team took the supercharged LS3 and created it to make 1,000 horsepower from under the hood, carrying the 3952 pounds of car down the track the way anyone would have loved and enjoyed.

This Camaro didn’t just get built with more power under the hood to make the wheels scream, it has a lot more to it. This car comes in with billet-machined metal parts, carbon accessories and added design elements. There is a custom roof and a variety of interchangeable hood inserts. Overall, this car took the team more than 5,000 hours to create with all the love and care that you could imagine for a car that’s built from the ground up. The seats inside are even considered some of the most inviting and comfortable leather seats that you’ll find on any vehicle.

While the engine produces the massive pony power, the torque coming from the engine bay is around 800 lb.-ft. of torque at 6100rpm. This power is attached to a gorgeous six-speed manual transmission that uses a massive clutch assembly to make this a car that can be driven hard and put to the track for the performance that’s desired. This car was such as an impressive machine that it won awards from Chevrolet at SEMA this past year; giving the team another validation of what they are doing is the right way to alter and improve classic cars.

Of course the best place to take an insane car like this one is to Jay Len to let him show it off on his show. This car is one that was created out of love for the 1969 Camaro but with a serious twist upon the original design. The improvements that were made to this car certainly would have been enjoyed on the car back when it was originally made, if only the technology had been present at the time. Thankfully it is now and the Ringbrothers are making the most of what they can do to any car they’re challenged with.

Written by Scott Boyd

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