01.31.17 - Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat

What would you do with a Dodge Challenger Hellcat? Other than the obvious tire screeching ride on the track or out on an open stretch of road there could be many applications of what you might do with this car. You could hook it up to a blender or mixer and have the fastest cake mixer or smoothie blender in history, you could put this engine on a go cart and watch it take flight, you could even have this machine hooked up to other machinery and perform the duties of chopping wood, creating mulch or any other turbine driven work with ease and in a more efficient manner than you’d ever expect.

Of course all of these applications of the Hellcat engine, aside from the go cart, would be a waste of the power and performance that you enjoy form the Challenger Hellcat. What you really need is another way to use this vehicle in vehicular form while making sure you can enjoy the ride wherever you intend to go. The fact is simple, the Dodge Challenger Hellcat is made to be a power monster on the road and that’s exactly what it should continue to be used for even if you find another application for it.

One way to have the Challenger changed but still recognizable would be to stretch it out and use it as a limousine. This application could keep the front and rear of the car recognizable with tons of space for the whole party to enjoy the fun inside the Challenger limo. This may not sound like an original idea because many others vehicles have been used for this purpose in the past, including a Chevrolet Corvette, but this classic look will give you a feeling and the appearance of power meeting up with sophistication.

Imagine riding around in the Challenger limo and your driver pulls into a deserted parking lot to turn some donuts with you and your party inside. While this probably wouldn’t happen, you can imagine the insane fun this would be and they just might be the world’s largest donuts, but we’d have to bring in the team from Guinness to confirm that no other vehicular donuts had ever been performed that were larger than the ones of the Challenger limo that you and your party were driving in. As an aside, a full limo performing a donut might check of several world record marks including most vomit in one vehicle.

Has anyone ever built the Dodge Challenger limousine? Yes, there is proof that at least two companies have achieved this feat. It has not been confirmed whether or not they have used the Hellcat model of the Challenger or simply used the body on a current limousine platform for the build of the vehicle. It’s not as far-fetched as it may seem because limo builders have been stretching out a variety of vehicles for many years to be the models that we enjoy for the ride to the party location.

This brings us to the simple question of whether or not you would rather have a Challenger Hellcat as it normally is built or the limousine version. If you had the money the answer might be that you want to have both, but as a car that’s built for fun in a classic sense of racing in a straight line and enjoying the fact that this heavy sports car has a wild rear end for you to tame, the normal model of the Hellcat is probably preferred. The limo is kitschier than most of us would like and you certainly won’t have as much fun from behind the wheel of a stretched out limo Challenger but it is fun to think about.

Written by Scott Boyd

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