02.01.17 - Chrysler Pacifica

The new Chrysler Pacifica continues to rack up awards at an exceptional rate, making this one of the most advanced minivans on the road today. This replacement for the Town & Country has been met with a ton of accolades, but the question of which trim level to buy for the best value has come up over time. The one you should look to is the Touring L Plus trim which is one level below the top level of the Limited trim. Here is what you’ll find when you choose this trim for your driving pleasure:

Generous Third Row – While the third row of any minivan is typically meant for the smaller children to ride or to put a couple car seats side by side, this third row can accommodate two full grown men at any time, making this a great place to ride and enjoy the comfort of the new Pacifica while on the road. You won’t have any complaining from the rear seats when you have kids ride in this area and the few times you need an adult to ride in this area of the van, they won’t mind the space.

Charging Everywhere – How many USB charging ports does your current vehicle offer you? In most you have one or two and in a few that may be expanded to as many as three, but if you don’t buy a USB converter to use with the 12V charging port you’re out of luck. The Pacifica boasts a full six USB charging slots for you. There are three up front, two in the middle and one in the rear. Chrysler recognizes that we live in a connected society and need to be able to charge our mobile devices more than ever before.

Blind Spot Alert- If another vehicle is in the range of the blind spot camera on the new Pacifica you’ll know it. No longer do you need the passenger in the right seat to look around and tell you that you’re clear to drive and change lanes. There is an orange alert icon that will actually light up on the mirror for you to know that an object or person is in the blind spot area of your vehicle. This is an unobtrusive way to let you know you shouldn’t move to the right or to the left.

Tri-Zone Climate Pleasure – When you have a climate control system that’s meant for different areas of the vehicle you want those passengers to not only be able to control the flow of air, but also the temperature that’s on them. Many of these systems in the past would only allow you to change the flow of air, but the temperature was only controlled in the front by the driver and front passenger. This system in the Pacifica will allow you to have a comfortable ride for everyone no matter which area of the minivan they are seated in during the ride.

Heated Seats in the Second Row – Most vehicles in this class that offer heated seats do not have the heat in the second row, but only for the front two seats. Having heated seats in the second row will help keep passengers in these seats happy as they ride along, especially if everyone has the cold air blowing. These are standard on this trim level as is a heated steering wheel which can make a huge difference on cold mornings when you need to grasp the steering wheel and have a drive. Comfort is certainly well thought out in the Pacifica.

Storage Galore – The Pacifica shows up with the Stow N Go seats that make a huge difference when it comes to storage. You can store items under the floor, where the seats go when folded down, and us e the deep well area of the rear to hold the luggage and items you need to take along with you. This makes the Pacifica a fantastic family minivan with its amazing versatility and ability to let you store and carry whatever you need with plenty of room to store items so that passengers don’t have to hold them on their laps.

Written by Kerry Marasco

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