03.21.17 - Cadillac ELR

The automotive world has experienced record sales two years in a row with no sign of slowing down anytime soon. With that in mind it’s hard to believe any part of this market would have trouble with sales. Unfortunately there are some models that just didn’t sell as well this past year as most of the other models on the market. While these aren’t necessary the lowest sale in their class, they are cars that had the largest sales dips. You might find some remaining models at your nearby dealership and have the ability to enjoy huge savings on one of these models.

Acura RLX and ILXFor some reason this brand is heading in a direction where the crossovers take over the top of their sales. For 2016 the brand sold nearly 50,000 of the MDX and RX while the ILX experienced a 19-percent drop in sales and the RLX lost 37-percent compared to the year before which amounts to less than 1,500 cars.

Alfa Romeo 4CThis car has been on the market for two solid years and finally has a convertible model to show as well, yet it can’t seem to get the sales expected. This model topped out 2016 with maybe 500 sold in total. That’s not going to cut it if the 4C is to continue to be sold in America, maybe the addition of new models to the lineup will help the 4C.

BMW 3 Series, 4 Series and X4As the “Ultimate Driving Machine” you would think the 3 Series might never slow down, but the 2016 numbers show this car lost nearly thirty percent from the previous year’s sales while the 4 Series dropped twenty percent. The X4 showed a decline as well with a 17 percent dip in the sales compared to 2015.

Cadillac ELRThis car has been barely hanging on for the past few years and even the offer of a drop in the price hasn’t changed the fate for the ELR. GM is finally done producing this car after a decline of nearly forty percent compared to a year when this car didn’t even have a model built.

Chrysler 200 and Dodge DartThese two have been on the chopping block for a couple of years and the poor sales from 2016 gave FCA exactly what it needed to justify deleting these two from their respective lineups. The Dart showed a drop of nearly half compared to 2015 and the 200 lost nearly 65 percent in the sales numbers.

Fiat 500L and 500You would think this little hatchback would be more popular, but the sales figures showed a decline of 37 percent for the 500 and almost sixty percent for the 500L. Thankfully the 500X has shown some improved sales over the past couple years, but these low sales on the other models are a demand for a price adjustment.

Lexus GS, IS, LS, CT and RCThe GS lost thirty percent, the RC is down twenty percent, the CT suffered a forty percent drop, the LS dropped 20 percent and the IS is down double digits as well. Thankfully, Lexus has the NX, LX and ES that are all performing much better than these five were able to for 2016.

Lincoln MKS and MKTIt may be time for Lincoln to worry. In a market where the crossover SUVs are the top selling segments, the MKT didn’t fare well at all. The MKT lost 21 percent compared to 2015 and the MKS sedan sold fewer than 5,000 models for the year. The MKS has already been replaced with the Continental for 2017.

Toyota 86 and Subaru BRZThese are two of the best cars that had the worst sales last year. They seemed to be priced right and exciting to drive but the Toyota 86 achieved a thirty percent decline compared to the previous year when it was the Scion FR-S and the BRZ only lost twenty percent for the 2016 model year.

Written by Kerry Marasco

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