04.25.17 - Carbon Wheels

If your car is more than just a mode of transportation for you there’s a good chance you’re going to want to enjoy some great products that you want to add to your car or to the experience you have with your car. You can have a great time driving and enjoy what you’ve added to the fun and excitement that working on your car gives you when you check out one of these items that make the experience even better. Here are four items that you can have as perfect products for your favorite ride.

Carbon Wheels – If you’re looking for a great way to make your car lighter you’ll want wheels made from carbon fiber. Some cars are sold with these wheels on them, but you can buy a set for your car and add them to your favorite sports car to make it lighter and more agile on the road or out at the track. Of course if you want a car that’s built with these wheels on them already, check out the Ford GT or the Shelby GT350R and see how these carbon fiber wheels improve the feel and performance of the vehicle.

Shop Pants – If you’re a grease monkey and take that to be a compliment to the fact that you work hard in your garage on the car you love, then you should have some clothes that are made for the shop you have and give you the confidence to spill and splatter wherever you want Some companies make shop pants that are reinforced in areas that need to be so that you won’t tear them or end up with a trouble area after only a few times of wearing them in the shop area and enjoy the way they last for you.

WebBoost Antenna – If you’ve ever been on a road trip and the signal has cut out during your trip leaving you without the navigation you need and without the signal you need if you end up needing help. An antenna that can boost the signal inside your vehicle will help you have good signal during your entire drive and avoid having blackout or dead areas where you don’t have signal or service. Never get left without the signal you need, we live in an age where you shouldn’t have to live without the coverage you need so make sure you’re car has one of these boosting antennas.

Bed Liner Spray – The spray used for the bed liner of your vehicle can also be used on the exterior panels to make your off road beauty a brute that can protect itself from dents and damage. Line-X makes a version of this spray that can provide a thin layer of protection on the exterior panels of your vehicle and make it easier than ever to head off road and not worry about the vehicle and what might happen when you’re on the trails. Check out this spray if you’re an avid off roader and have a great time on the trails.

Written by Kerry Marasco

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