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When you head to the dealership to sign a new auto loan and choose the right model for you, it’s possible you can plan to keep your vehicle longer than the life of the loan. The average new car buyer keeps their vehicle for 7.3 years, which is longer than the typical 48 or 60-month loan. There are some models that many people choose to keep even past this timeframe. The top ten cars that were kept for as much as 8.8 or 10.6 years, which is 21 to 45 percent longer, might have a vehicle that’s right for you.

Audi TT – The TT is a fun and active little sports car that Audi has offered for several years. The average an owner keeps this car is 8.8 years, making it a sports car that can be a lot of fun for you to drive for nearly a decade. This is a car that you want to get in and take a ride, especially when you consider how much fun you’ll have in this excellent roadster.

Toyota 4Runner – This SUV that can do nearly everything is one that you’ll drive and enjoy well past the loan you sign with the dealership. The average time an owner keeps the 4Runner is 8.8 years, which are several years of fun out on the trails and on the lake where you want to have a great time playing in the sun and exploring the surrounding areas.

Toyota Avalon – As the large sedan from Toyota this is a car that will do more than take you on your daily commute for work. You’ll love the smooth ride and the elegant feeling of the Avalon and realize the space, the features, and the ride are all part of why this sedan is kept by owners for an average of 8.8 years.

Chevrolet Corvette – This is a car that makes sense as a car that’s kept for a long time. Many who buy a sports car don’t buy many of them unless they are collectors. With an average ownership period of 8.8 years, you can expect to keep your Corvette for nearly a decade of fun on the road and at the track.

Toyota Sequoia – Here is another amazing Toyota SUV that can be perfect for you to enjoy on the trails and out in the wilderness. The average ownership period for this SUV is 8.9 years of fun on the roads and on the trails in order to make sure you can have the ride you want to enjoy driving for several years.

Ford Explorer – One of the most popular SUVs on the market is the Explorer which has an average ownership period of 8.9 years. This excellent SUV is one that offers you an excellent ride and continues to be one of the favorites on the market. Owners keep this Ford SUV longer than some of the most popular sedans on the market.

Mercedes-Benz SLK – This is a model that’s no longer build, but that hasn’t stopped it from being a model that is kept for at least nine years. This gorgeous roadster is a car that you’ll love to drive and enjoy if you find one on the used market snatch it up quickly and make this the right car for you to enjoy the drive.

Ford Expedition – If you’re looking for one of the most impressive large SUVs on the market, this is the one to choose. This big brute is powered the way you want and give you the strength you’re looking for in a vehicle that will be on the road for nearly a decade of fun with your family where you want to go for the views and adventures you’re ready for.

Porsche Boxster – This little car is one that we buy and hang onto for a long time. The average time a Boxster owner keeps their model is 9.9 years which makes it the longest-owned sports car on the market and one that you can enjoy during your weekend cruising that you’ll want to perform as often as possible.

Toyota Land Cruiser – The vehicle that’s owned for longer than any other is the Toyota Land Cruiser. This nearly luxury SUV is owned for an average of 10.6 years and is a model that we’ve known for many years. This is the one you want when you want to choose an SUV that will handle the challenge for much longer than the average.

Written by CQ Livingston

When it comes to cars, I believe that they are meant to be driven. They shouldn't be parked in a museum regardless of how expensive they are. If they can go, they should go!

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