A Quiet Ride Can Be Exciting

Imagine what it would sound like if you took away all the traffic and the noise on the roads around you and you just went out for a drive. The road would be yours and you could enjoy the feeling of being all alone wherever you want to take a cruise as you carve up the corners or run down a straight country road with the radio off and just the sounds of the engine to serenade you along your path. While this is certainly an attractive idea, imagine if that ride was even quieter.

The way for this driving experience to be quieter for you is for you to take an EV model out on the road and listen to the silence. EV models have been developed to be some of the best ways for us to experience zero emissions on the road and they have also begun to offer us more of what we want when it comes to noise pollution as well. Unfortunately, not many EV models are sports cars right now unless you have one from the Tesla brand, but Nissan brought us something new and interesting to check out recently.

Nissan came to the Goodwood Festival of Speed, as you should expect they would, and they brought along the GT-R to show off going up the Hill during the Hill Climb portion of the fun, but this isn’t what was interesting and silent about what Nissan showed off. What they brought in EV form as an impressive electric sports car is the BladeGlider which took to the course and had an excellent run up the course. This isn’t the first time the BladeGlider has made an appearance, a prototype was driven on the Monaco street circuit in the past, but now we got to see this impressive car up front.

The EV movement has been led by Nissan for several years with Leaf, but the new BladeGlider gives us a look at what Nissan can do with a vehicle that’s designed to bring fun, torque, efficiency, and performance to the track or the road to give us exactly what we want to have from an amazing vehicle. Nissan brought the BladeGlider out to play and it showed off the Nissan Intelligent Mobility in action with the extremely impressive ride that it took on the course at this festival.

Take a look at the video below and imagine how much fun it would be to take your open road cruising in a car that’s this quiet on the road. This would be an exciting and fun way to spend a couple hours out cruising, at least until the electric batteries run out and need to be recharged. You can see in the video this car carves up the course and makes its run with perfection and the feeling we could be excited by. A silent ride like this one just might be in your future if Nissan eventually makes a production variation of the BladeGlider.


Written by Carl Durrek

Carl is a gaming fanatic, forever stuck on Reddit and all-around lover of food. He writes about cars for several publications and lives in northern California.

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