Learning new technology in a comfortable environment with Ford

The price of new vehicles has gone up several thousand dollars over the years and while inflation is part of the reason for this, the new technology included in a vehicle has much more to do with it. The problem is, we have this new technology offered in our vehicles, but many of us might never make use of some of it, which is truly forcing us to waste money and never be able to understand what our vehicle can actually do to make sure we can have a much better experience when we drive.

Unfortunately, in the past, we’ve been expected to read the owner’s manual of the new car we just bought to learn how all this new technology works. the problem with this is these manuals are written to put us to sleep and show what every feature possible can do, which might not apply to the car you just purchased. If you didn’t choose the highest trim level you’re going to be left with the feeling of regret for not stepping up to this trim and a bit of frustration because you have to sift through the items that don’t apply to the vehicle you own.

The Answer for Your Education

How would you best learn and understand what your vehicle has to offer? Most likely, if you had a person who knew everything about your vehicle to show you in a one-on-one setting that’s done on your time and when you can focus, you would quickly understand more about what the vehicle can do. Add to this the ability to take a drive and put these items to the test so that you can actually feel what it’s like to use the systems of your new vehicle, and you will likely make use of what you’re paying for.
At least one Ford dealership is offering this type of training and it seems to be something that will be offered at more Ford locations around the country. The dealership has what’s called a Start Team, which is made up of several people that will drive to your location to show you how to use every item offered in your new model like the Pothole Mitigation system found in the Ford Fusion that you might not have known existed otherwise. This puts you in a comfortable environment and offers you hands on, one-on-one instruction that you will retain more fully than if you sat with the salesman at the lot for ten minutes to try and understand a few items they can show you.

Ford Taking Your Further

Right now, most of us will never use as much as twenty percent of the technologies offered inside the vehicle. That’s a lot of money you’ve chosen to waste if you can’t make use of everything offered in your vehicle. With this solution from some Ford locations, customers are able to understand their vehicles and drive more easily in traffic. These Ford dealers have made this instruction a part of the purchase process for the vehicles they sell and will likely see customers return because of this added care and service that makes sure customers understand what they have installed in their vehicles.

Written by Kerry Marasco

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