Admire the Creativity

We can all admire those of us that are able to have the creativity to build a vehicle that can be driven from a box of parts and items that we have to craft ourselves. While it’s a lot of fun to buy a sports car and take it out for the drive that can be a lot of fun on the tracks and roads in your area, especially if it’s one that’s been created by a car company to be one of the most impressive rides on the market, there’s a lot to be said for that neighbor that builds his own car in his garage.
Jack Atkinson has built three cars on his front lawn and one of the models he chose is a kit car that’s not the typical kit you see. The car he chose is a 240Z that is a rare find and one that we can certainly admire when we take a look at what Jack was able to create. Because there are very few 1980s sports cars left on the roads and some that are no longer found at all, this car certainly captures our attention and allows us to admire what’s been put together.

The Car

This 240Z model that Jack Atkinson built pays homage to the IMSA Z car that was named the Primadonna. Atkinson built some of the custom molds himself that he used to create some of the parts that he added to this car for the drive. This car has been nicknamed Jettlag and it incorporates make of the designs found in IMSA race cars including the Porsche 935 to make sure this car can ride right and be a lot of fun at the track and on the roads that Jack chooses for the drive he makes.
Under the hood of Jettlag is a small block Chevrolet engine that gives the car the power desired. This was a popular swap when this car was popular in the 1980s and certainly gave the car more power than it would have had with a typical engine that was found in the 240Z. In order to have the engine mate to the transmission, a Scarab adapter is used to make it possible for the car to use the original four-speed manual transmission for the drive desired. The molds that Jack created make this a real production body kit and the molds were given to a friend in the 90s for this purpose.
As one of the three 240Z models that Jack created during his time building cars, this is an amazing car that we can look at with wonder and admiration for the creativity and complexity of building a car. The other two include a black model nicknamed Prima Z and a red one that was called ZBait. This ZBait named car is one that’s’ been missing since 1997, but the other two remain as examples of what creativity and ingenuity can produce when put to work for the vehicles we want to drive.

Written by Erika Simms

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