A Ford Raptor Where You Don't Expect to See One

When you think about the Ford Raptor pickup truck you typically think about the fact that you can head out on the trails and wilderness and tear it up with speed. This is a truck that’s been built to be able to run across the desert with ease and show off the power and rugged build offered in this version of the Ford truck lineup. You’ll be amazed at where the Ford Raptor went to be able to have a lot of fun and show off what it can do.

The Nurburgring track in Germany is one of the most famous test tracks in the world and where we normally see some of the most dynamic and finely-tuned sports cars in the world to test out what they can do. Professional drivers spend their time at Nurburgring to let us have the fast lap times we want and make it so that we can understand what these cars have in them when we want to have one to take out to the tracks in our area to enjoy the fun and active ride from behind the wheel.

The Ford Raptor takes on Nurburgring

Do you think the Ford Raptor should take on the Nurburgring track and turn a fast lap? If your answer is “why not” then you’d be thinking in a similar fashion as the team at Ford and will love the video that’s linked below. This truck was taken to the Nurburgring track to see how it would perform, but with the tight turns and the narrow corridors, there needed to be a game plan developed and that means asking someone to drive this truck that has a lot of experience with drifting on a track.
Vaughn Gittin Jr. was the man for the job. He is famous for sliding cars and driving around corners and he thought he was going to Nurburgring to drive his Formula Drift Ford Mustang, but it started to rain and the camera work he wanted to do was boring without the dry track to create tire smoke. This led him to hop into the Ford F-150 Raptor and see what he could do to make it around the Nurburgring track with tons of speed and a drift action around the track that certainly looks like a lot of fun.
The results of this time at that track are amazing. The video shows the truck drifting around the green hell and even though we don’t get an official hot lap time, this is a video you’re going to want to see and enjoy. Take a look at how this truck handles the hard turning and the ride as it whips around different corners and curves to stay on its tires and never look like it’s going to flip or go out of control. Gittin is certainly the right man for the job and the results are something special that Ford can use for future promotions for the Raptor.

Written by Christina Cooper

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