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No More Back and Forth for BMW

The BMW 8-Series coupe is a car that has been a yo-yo on the market for BMW. At one time the 8-Series came to the market and was the flagship for a few years as the coupe at the top of the lineup, but when that was the case the 6-Series was taken out of… Read more »

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The Best Automakers for 2016

Evaluating an automaker by using their entire lineup makes for a fair assessment of what that automaker is all about. Taking into consideration things like overall scores, road test scores and predicted reliability form an outside source can help to show what models you should trust over others on the market. Consumer Reports offers these… Read more »

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iNEXT is the BMW Goal

The i3 and i8 have paved the way with BMW for serious performance and differentiation in the brand between vehicles that are electrified. While there was recent back and forth discussions about releasing a convertible i8 model, the decision has finally come to a close and the i8 will have a convertible. but that is… Read more »

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It’s Not Going Convertible

When we look at a car, especially a great sports car that offers the power, agility, drivability and excitement we look for there are typically some questions that come to mind. Whet that car is a new model on the market the questions expand to try and learn more about the lineup that will be… Read more »

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What Costs Less than a Ford Focus?

I am certainly going to cheat on this one and take the Ford Focus RS for this particular test.  As one of the premier hot hatches to every come down the assembly line the RS is not a cheap Focus but one that starts around $36,605, leaving us a great range of possibilities.  Even though… Read more »

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From the Auto Show to the Dealership

Auto shows are a great way to learn about vehicles and what automakers are planning to bring to market, but what is even better is when you can see a concept that eventually does make it to the dealerships for sale.  When we get the view of cars that will come to market its great… Read more »

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What Loyalty or Fandom is Made Of

In any segment of the world a loyalty toward a particular product or group creates a feeling of desire, entitlement and inclusion into an exclusive club whether it’s real or made up.  This is the case for sports fans, Science Fiction fans and of course vehicle fans.  Some would tell you the feeling isn’t as… Read more »

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Either Awesome and Amazing, or Downright Rude

What happens when car companies collaborate?  Most of the time when this happens there is much more to the vehicle than to the ones offered in their own lineups individually, but the vehicle becomes so rare that the price is ridiculously high.  To go the other way with the price and offers a car that… Read more »

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Luxurious Power

Imagine you are driving along in traffic and you see a nice luxury vehicle ready to pull out into traffic ahead of you but they don’t go even though there is plenty of room.  Are they afraid?  Have they gotten a call that makes them stay put?  What is going on?  As you come up… Read more »