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2018 Honda Ridgeline: The Right Truck for the Occasion

If the occasions you need a truck for includes performing weekend warrior projects, going to the tailgate party at the stadium, or enjoy an agile and active vehicle on the road, the Honda Ridgeline is the truck that brings you what you’re looking for. This impressive new mid-size truck has the ability to carry up… Read more »

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2018 Honda CR-V: The Whole Package

We can discuss driving excitement and the dynamic attributes of some of the most powerful supercars in the world, but the reality is, you’re more likely to buy a Honda CR-V and make use of one of the leading compact crossover SUVs on the market than you are to spend the money on an adrenaline… Read more »

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The Redesigned Pair

If you’re looking for the right model to drive when you want a mid-sized sedan the fact that the Camry and Accord are both redesigned for the 2018 model year means these two cars are ready to give us their next version of what’s best for us in this class. These two highly popular models… Read more »

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Finally, the Compact Sports Car We’ve Been Waiting For

Over the years there have been some performance vehicles that have been developed for us to enjoy but some haven’t been able to be sold in the US. Thankfully, the new Honda Civic Type R which will be part of the 2018 model year will actually be sold in North America. This car has finally… Read more »

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The Views are Mixed on the New Accord

There are always rumors that swirl around when it comes to the different models when they’re being changed for the next generation or model year. This is part of the unknown and what we can consider to be speculation to some degree. Even though some rumors are just that and have no foundation in truth,… Read more »

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A Fun Car for the Car Nerd in All of Us

When you host a show called Engineering Explained the immediate feeling is that the show is basically a way to nerd up some of the everyday things that we take for granted. This show has been a great way for us to discuss a variety of ways cars work and different features, but every once… Read more »

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Refresh or Remodel?

The decision to upgrade a model rather than remake it entirely is one that certainly can save a company some money in the design and development process. Of course if a refresh of more than fifty percent of a vehicle is needed, chances are the company will choose to lean more toward a complete remodel…. Read more »

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The Best Automakers for 2016

Evaluating an automaker by using their entire lineup makes for a fair assessment of what that automaker is all about. Taking into consideration things like overall scores, road test scores and predicted reliability form an outside source can help to show what models you should trust over others on the market. Consumer Reports offers these… Read more »

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An Odd Comparison

For every comparison test you have to have a baseline to start from and decide what you want to base your test on. For this particular test you might think we chose some really strange item, but what we chose was the time to sixty mph of the 1967 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 which came… Read more »

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What Did 2015 Give Us

Going on a trip around the sun gives us a whole year in the books and 2015 was one of the most amazing years in history.  This time around we saw some of the best cars ever made and the awesome features that were put in place in order to make the most use of… Read more »