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Taking on the Only Real Competition

It might not seem like it’s a fair comparison at all, but the only true competitor for the Jeep Wrangler when you’re considering the off-road prowess and performance is the Land Rover Range Rover Evoque. This is as close as the luxury brand comes to being brought to the Wrangler level, which is still much… Read more »

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The Ford Bronco May Delight and Disappoint You at the Same Time

We’ve known for a long time that Ford has planned to bring us a new Bronco model that will become part of their SUV lineup. This isn’t going to be just another SUV that Ford offers to fill out their collection, instead this new version of an old name will be a model that is… Read more »

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The Jeep Pickup Truck is Spied Again

We love to talk about what could happen with a vehicle and how it might make its way to the market with some specific components or a specific look. As much as automakers try to camouflage the vehicles they test, and Jeep has been doing a great job with the Wrangler Pickup, we still get… Read more »

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Clash of the Off Road Beasts

A vehicle that can give you the ability to head off road with confidence, knowing you’ll make it back safe and sound is one that will give you the drive you want and make it easy for you to plan some great adventures. A vehicle that not only gives you the off road capabilities you… Read more »

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Renegade Vs. Crosstrek – The Battle of the Non-Posers

SUV stands for sport utility vehicle, but in the world of compact crossover SUVS the actually utility is limited. Even the sport part is almost nonexistent in the lineup, but the ability to travel on trails and take on the challenges of the outdoors certainly has most of the vehicles in this segment unable to… Read more »

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2016 Jeep Cherokee: An Excellent Off Road Crossover

What comes to mind when you think of the Jeep name?  Normally two models come right to your mind, which are the Wrangler and Grand Cherokee.  Both of these models are amazing examples of great off roading vehicles that are known to be fantastic on the road as well.  The new Cherokee gives us a… Read more »

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From the Auto Show to the Dealership

Auto shows are a great way to learn about vehicles and what automakers are planning to bring to market, but what is even better is when you can see a concept that eventually does make it to the dealerships for sale.  When we get the view of cars that will come to market its great… Read more »

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You Have to Look Closely

The discussion of testing vehicles, sometimes called mules, often lead to a lot of speculation regarding what a new vehicle will be and how it will be presented.  It’s no secret that car companies love to show us testing cars that are supposed to hide the features and look of a model, but often don’t… Read more »

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What Loyalty or Fandom is Made Of

In any segment of the world a loyalty toward a particular product or group creates a feeling of desire, entitlement and inclusion into an exclusive club whether it’s real or made up.  This is the case for sports fans, Science Fiction fans and of course vehicle fans.  Some would tell you the feeling isn’t as… Read more »

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A Tiny Jeep For Fun and Function

When you think of a Jeep model typically two model names come to mind, the Wrangler and the Grand Cherokee.  Although the Wrangler has benefited from years of carrying the same form and style in the market the Grand Cherokee has had some changes over the years, but they were accepted as part of what… Read more »