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Riding Right

one of the vehicles that we’ve enjoyed driving in its current form has been the Subaru Crosstrek. This compact crossover SUV is being updated for 2018 to be made better than ever and be an active vehicle that is small enough to fit in a lot of places while being large enough to be the… Read more »

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The BRZ May Becoming More WRX

Familiarity with the Subaru nameplates can give you the feeling the BRZ is missing out on the performance parts and upgrades that would make it an even more exciting sports car. While this three-letter symbol of fun on the road and track offers a few upgrades, its brand mate, the WRX has a way of… Read more »

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A New Subaru is on the Horizon

We haven’t had the Subaru Tribeca on the market since 2014. This SUV was the largest model in the lineup and offered us three rows of seats to ensure we could take the whole family along, but Subaru has new ideas for this model and the entire lineup. What we’ve seen thus far is a… Read more »

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2017 Subaru Forester: Still the SUV You Want to Drive

Is it sexy? No, not at all. Is it the most stylish vehicle on the road? Not even close. What the Subaru Forester isn’t makes it one of the best SUVs you can buy in its class. This is an SUV that offers you the reliability of a Japanese brand, the practicality of a family… Read more »

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The Best Automakers for 2016

Evaluating an automaker by using their entire lineup makes for a fair assessment of what that automaker is all about. Taking into consideration things like overall scores, road test scores and predicted reliability form an outside source can help to show what models you should trust over others on the market. Consumer Reports offers these… Read more »

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Renegade Vs. Crosstrek – The Battle of the Non-Posers

SUV stands for sport utility vehicle, but in the world of compact crossover SUVS the actually utility is limited. Even the sport part is almost nonexistent in the lineup, but the ability to travel on trails and take on the challenges of the outdoors certainly has most of the vehicles in this segment unable to… Read more »

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2016 Subaru Impreza: The Most Affordable AWD System

Subaru has become the brand that makes AWD the best part of driving.  Every Subaru you can find offers you AWD and the Impreza is one of the favorite sedans on the market today.  With an efficient engine lineup and several trim levels to choose from the Impreza offers a variety of choices for you… Read more »

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What Costs Less than a Ford Focus?

I am certainly going to cheat on this one and take the Ford Focus RS for this particular test.  As one of the premier hot hatches to every come down the assembly line the RS is not a cheap Focus but one that starts around $36,605, leaving us a great range of possibilities.  Even though… Read more »

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What Loyalty or Fandom is Made Of

In any segment of the world a loyalty toward a particular product or group creates a feeling of desire, entitlement and inclusion into an exclusive club whether it’s real or made up.  This is the case for sports fans, Science Fiction fans and of course vehicle fans.  Some would tell you the feeling isn’t as… Read more »

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The Move to SUVs is Really Starting to Show Itself

During the first quarter of 2015 the largest dip in sales for midsized family sedans has been felt resulting in a 2.8% drop off in sales compared to the same time last year. This drop off is showing itself to be the result of an increased drive toward SUVs especially since many SUVs are now… Read more »