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Done with NASCAR, Jeff Gordon to Race at Rolex

The Rolex 24 Hours at Daytona is a long and arduous race that takes a team of drivers to get the job done and Jeff Gordon, after retiring from NASCAR, has agreed to be part of the Cadillac team. Thankfully this race is being held at a location that Gordon is intimately familiar with and… Read more »

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A Bittersweet Piece of Justice Served

There are thousands of cases of stolen property that go unsolved each year around the world. In fact, most casts of stolen property never get solved, especially if there wasn’t anyone harmed physically in the process. Even when the property is an item with the value of a high priced sports car, police can only… Read more »

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One Reason Leading Laps Matter

Auto racing is absolutely one of the most dangerous and adrenaline pumping sports in the world. Fans can go crazy for their favorite driver or team and have enormous reactions when the racers make it toward the front while crashes can be absolutely devastating. There hardly any other sport with a split second decision or… Read more »

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VW Employees Banned from Pokemon Go Distractions

If you haven’t played the new Pokemon Go game you may very well be in the minority at this time. This new GPS based version of the game that’s been a television series and a continuation of an already twenty year-long franchise has been created for several reasons. With this new game you can capture… Read more »

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Power and Luxury Compared

What happens when you want to have a great luxury sedan but you don’t want to have the top of the lineup massively powered version? In today’s world you simply take a step down and have a more manageable car on the road. In the beginning of the big luxury sport sedans the Audi RS6,… Read more »

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Let’s Discuss Some Dealer Options

When it comes to buying a new car some dealers add options to their lineup of vehicles before you even get a look at it.  For the most part this is great as the features added typically benefit you in your life easily.  On the other hand, there are dealer options you can choose from… Read more »

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Is Yamaha Going to Make a Sports Car?

Normally reserved to only motorcycles Yamaha has made a huge name for themselves with open air vehicles that have two wheels or some with four wheels that are made for running through mud and muck.  Not often do we see this company making a sports car with four wheels and an enclosed shell, but at… Read more »

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Is the Act of Driving Going to Die?

Say it isn’t so, for any driving purist this would be like ripping out a part of their heart and feeding it to the fish, but with the advancements already being made this may very well become the future of driving. Currently we see some vehicles, the Tesla Model S comes to mind, which have… Read more »

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2016 GMC Terrain: The Compact SUV that Isn’t

When you think of large vehicles that have a sheer presence of superiority to them GMC certainly should come to mind.  Many vehicles that wear the GMC nameplate are massive on power, performance and size.  The Terrain is actually a compact SUV as far as size, but could easily move up a class and still… Read more »

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A few “Must Know” Items Regarding the Titan

The 2016 model year is an exciting year for the Nissan Titan and those that love this amazing truck.  As a truck that entered the market nearly a decade ago with all the latest and greatest technologies, the Titan has been completely redone to give us a new generation and a  truck that is updated… Read more »