Chevrolet Bolt EV

A Chevy Bolt Driver with Hands Off the Wheel

Recently, a Chevy Bolt driver was spotted on the road, doing everything but actually driving the vehicle. What would you think if you clearly saw another driver with both hands off the wheel, attention on a cell phone, and the vehicle in motion? You’d likely think that this vehicle is one that wasn’t being operated… Read more »

The Abarth Name Gives Fiat Personality

The Fiat Abarth Name Offers Personality to the Lineup

We can all recognize the fact that an Abarth version of any of the Fiat models is a model we want more than the rest. The Abarth name carries more than just the scorpion logo, it brings in a spirit, a style, and a drive to be faster, offers more power, and give you a… Read more »

Truck Love - The Toyota Tacoma

Truck Love – The Toyota Tacoma

The Toyota Tacoma is a Truck You Love Do you want to have a quality truck with an excellent build to drive? Do you want that truck to allow you to head out on the trails in your area and offer you the ability to tackle all challenges on the trails? If so, you need… Read more »

Inclement Weather - The Right Used Vehicle for the Job

Inclement Weather – The Right Used Vehicle for the Job

The Right Used Vehicle for Inclement Weather It’s getting later in the year and with that brings the foul weather, slick roads, and tough driving that you will need to navigate. Instead of putting your prized car through the terrible winter storms that are heading your way, spend a little money and find a great… Read more »

2019 GMC Sierra 1500 Denali

GM is Doubling Down with Double Duty

When it comes to trucks, GM is sticking with what works and keeping their fans happy with the same old tried-and-true toughness to get the job done. We’ve heard of other companies that are keeping their outgoing models of some of our favorite vehicles while the newer models gain traction. FCA successfully did this with… Read more »

Used Vehicles

Avoid Mistakes when Financing a Used Vehicle

When we buy a car, we typically need to look at auto financing options for the vehicle that we decide to purchase. Most of us don’t pay cash for the vehicle we drive, even if it’s a used model. When shopping for a used vehicle, you need to be especially mindful of the challenges that… Read more »

Top Tier Makes the Toyota Camry a Lot of Fun

Top Tier Makes the Toyota Camry a Lot of Fun

We’ve had the Toyota Camry on the market for many years. It’s been a reliable, functional, drivable family sedan that many have trusted. While that reputation is fine for many cars in the same class as the Camry, Toyota has been working toward something more. In order to stand out in the crowd, the Toyota… Read more »

2019 GMC Terrain Love the Drive

2019 GMC Terrain: Love the Drive

There’s something fantastic about taking a compact crossover SUV out on the road that truly gives you the feeling of a vehicle that’s larger than its class. While a small model that you can enjoy, the 2019 GMC Terrain certainly offers you more than what you would ever expect from this impressive vehicle. Take a… Read more »

Branding Formula E Racing Importance

Branding Formula E Racing Importance

There’s no point to racing unless there will be some translation of the engineering that makes its way from the track to be offered in the road cars that we love to drive and enjoy as well. This has been the case for many years and in some cases, automakers have created cars in order… Read more »

2019 Chevrolet Tahoe

When a Big Drive is Needed, You Get a Tahoe

As one of the names we’ve known for an extremely long time, the Chevrolet Tahoe represents the ability to load up more stuff and make the drive to wherever you need to go. For the 2019 model year, the Tahoe is more powerful, roomier, and more versatile than ever. This big brute continues to be… Read more »

  • 05.01.16 - 2016 Cadillac CTS-V Sport

    Power and Luxury Compared

    What happens when you want to have a great luxury sedan but you don’t want to have the top of the lineup massively powered version? In today’s world you simply take a step down and have a more manageable car on the road. In the beginning of the big luxury sport sedans the Audi RS6,… Read more »

  • 04.20.16 - 2015 Cadillac Escalade

    Cars You Should Avoid

    Picking the right vehicle is important. Other than your home a vehicle is the largest investment you will make and the value of any vehicle drops almost instantly when you drive away from the dealership. Because of this factor you need to be aware of what vehicles offer less than others. We talk often about… Read more »

  • 04.15.16 - Audi Logo

    The Best Automakers for 2016

    Evaluating an automaker by using their entire lineup makes for a fair assessment of what that automaker is all about. Taking into consideration things like overall scores, road test scores and predicted reliability form an outside source can help to show what models you should trust over others on the market. Consumer Reports offers these… Read more »

  • 04.15.16 - 2016 Dodge Viper ACR

    Where do You Sit in Your Sports Car?

    As much as a title like this might bring some sneers and jeers the seating position is a very important one. If you looked at your buddy and told him he had to ride shotgun he might be ready to argue with you about who was going to drive the sports car tonight, but the… Read more »

  • 04.12.16 - McLaren MP4-12C

    How is a Car Company Too Perfect?

    When you pull up to the McLaren factory you find a place that has everything in a line and a view that seems to be in order. This is done on purpose with this company that has chosen to dispel the chaos of the world in favor of actual order and organization. With trees in… Read more »

  • 04.09.16 - Tesla Model 3

    Don’t Wait Any Longer

    The models from Tesla have given a freshness to the automotive market that we haven’t seen before. With propulsion systems that use only electric motors with no gasoline backup some have thought Tesla was too bold to be taken seriously. Not only dies this company offer vehicles that are powered by electricity only, they have… Read more »

  • 04.06.16 - Lemons

    Have You Bought a Lemon?

    Unfortunately even new vehicles can sometimes be lemons. Do you know what a lemon is? Of course you know the characteristics but there are specific guidelines that are used to determine if a car actually is a lemon or not. The cause of a lemon of car can be varied. One part missing can set… Read more »

  • 04.03.16 - BMW iNEXT

    iNEXT is the BMW Goal

    The i3 and i8 have paved the way with BMW for serious performance and differentiation in the brand between vehicles that are electrified. While there was recent back and forth discussions about releasing a convertible i8 model, the decision has finally come to a close and the i8 will have a convertible. but that is… Read more »

  • 03.31.16 - 2016 BMW M2

    It’s Not Going Convertible

    When we look at a car, especially a great sports car that offers the power, agility, drivability and excitement we look for there are typically some questions that come to mind. Whet that car is a new model on the market the questions expand to try and learn more about the lineup that will be… Read more »

  • 03.27.16 - Uber App

    What Is Uber Up To?

    The ride hailing app that is made to give you a ride that is much more affordable than a taxi has been working toward a way to finally turn a profit. Even though the Uber app is being used in cities across the country and around the world and there is even an upscale part… Read more »