Chevrolet Bolt EV

A Chevy Bolt Driver with Hands Off the Wheel

Recently, a Chevy Bolt driver was spotted on the road, doing everything but actually driving the vehicle. What would you think if you clearly saw another driver with both hands off the wheel, attention on a cell phone, and the vehicle in motion? You’d likely think that this vehicle is one that wasn’t being operated… Read more »

The Abarth Name Gives Fiat Personality

The Fiat Abarth Name Offers Personality to the Lineup

We can all recognize the fact that an Abarth version of any of the Fiat models is a model we want more than the rest. The Abarth name carries more than just the scorpion logo, it brings in a spirit, a style, and a drive to be faster, offers more power, and give you a… Read more »

Truck Love - The Toyota Tacoma

Truck Love – The Toyota Tacoma

The Toyota Tacoma is a Truck You Love Do you want to have a quality truck with an excellent build to drive? Do you want that truck to allow you to head out on the trails in your area and offer you the ability to tackle all challenges on the trails? If so, you need… Read more »

Inclement Weather - The Right Used Vehicle for the Job

Inclement Weather – The Right Used Vehicle for the Job

The Right Used Vehicle for Inclement Weather It’s getting later in the year and with that brings the foul weather, slick roads, and tough driving that you will need to navigate. Instead of putting your prized car through the terrible winter storms that are heading your way, spend a little money and find a great… Read more »

2019 GMC Sierra 1500 Denali

GM is Doubling Down with Double Duty

When it comes to trucks, GM is sticking with what works and keeping their fans happy with the same old tried-and-true toughness to get the job done. We’ve heard of other companies that are keeping their outgoing models of some of our favorite vehicles while the newer models gain traction. FCA successfully did this with… Read more »

Used Vehicles

Avoid Mistakes when Financing a Used Vehicle

When we buy a car, we typically need to look at auto financing options for the vehicle that we decide to purchase. Most of us don’t pay cash for the vehicle we drive, even if it’s a used model. When shopping for a used vehicle, you need to be especially mindful of the challenges that… Read more »

Top Tier Makes the Toyota Camry a Lot of Fun

Top Tier Makes the Toyota Camry a Lot of Fun

We’ve had the Toyota Camry on the market for many years. It’s been a reliable, functional, drivable family sedan that many have trusted. While that reputation is fine for many cars in the same class as the Camry, Toyota has been working toward something more. In order to stand out in the crowd, the Toyota… Read more »

2019 GMC Terrain Love the Drive

2019 GMC Terrain: Love the Drive

There’s something fantastic about taking a compact crossover SUV out on the road that truly gives you the feeling of a vehicle that’s larger than its class. While a small model that you can enjoy, the 2019 GMC Terrain certainly offers you more than what you would ever expect from this impressive vehicle. Take a… Read more »

Branding Formula E Racing Importance

Branding Formula E Racing Importance

There’s no point to racing unless there will be some translation of the engineering that makes its way from the track to be offered in the road cars that we love to drive and enjoy as well. This has been the case for many years and in some cases, automakers have created cars in order… Read more »

2019 Chevrolet Tahoe

When a Big Drive is Needed, You Get a Tahoe

As one of the names we’ve known for an extremely long time, the Chevrolet Tahoe represents the ability to load up more stuff and make the drive to wherever you need to go. For the 2019 model year, the Tahoe is more powerful, roomier, and more versatile than ever. This big brute continues to be… Read more »

  • 03.23.16 - Mercedes-Benz B-Class

    2016 Mercedes-Benz B-Class: The Yin and Yang of the EV World

    While it’s important to highlight the positive aspects of a vehicle, especially if it’s a model that is supposed to appeal to a large audience, there are times when the reality is a vehicle is meant only for a smaller niche group than to be a widely advertised mode. This is the case for the… Read more »

  • 03.19.16 - Rimac Concept_One

    Oh, How Things Have Changed

    Can you imagine ten or twenty years ago thinking that a supercar could also be a green car? Not a chance. These two types of cars were mutually exclusive from each other and could not coexist in the same skin. If a car was a green car it was dubbed as slow and boring while… Read more »

  • 03.15.16 - McLaren Logo

    Technological Excitement from McLaren

    When you think about McLaren what comes to mind? Insanely aerodynamic style that shows off amazing style to produce some of the fastest supercars on the market; if that would be your thought; you would be right in the ballpark of what McLaren is all about. This is one of the few companies that started… Read more »

  • 03.03.16 - Alfa Romeo Stelvio

    The Giulia isn’t Even Here and the Platform is Being Used

    You have to admire how much automakers love to squeeze everything they can out of a particular platform. When a specific build works for a car often you see the same company use the build to create a great crossover SUV or another car. By doing this automakers are able to build more vehicles without… Read more »

  • 02.27.16 - 2016 Nissan Sentra

    2016 Nissan Sentra: It’s the More of the Compact Car Segment

    One of our favorite cars over the years has been the Nissan Sentra which is one of the most stylish and affordable vehicles on the market. This new Sentra for 2016 comes in with a larger and roomier interior which equates to a larger back seat. The Sentra also benefits from even more sound deadening… Read more »

  • 02.22.16 - 2016 Scion iA

    Badge Changing Won’t Change What it is

    The down side to a brand being dissolved is the fact that many times this means all their hard work to develop new models and designs will end up being discarded and never come to fruition. So many brands and companies have been on the verge of their big break in their market to only… Read more »

  • 02.17.16 - 2016 Audi TT

    The Audi TT is Exciting and Brand New

    Entering the third generation for the Audi TT and TTS gives us a new model of a car that is one of the most affordable luxury sports roadsters on the market. It may have room for four, but the backseat is better left for a bag or two than to put actually people in it,… Read more »

  • 02.12.16 - 2016 Mazda CX-3

    And Now We have a Baby

    Three must be the magic number when it comes to SUVs. It worked well for the three bears so why not for the SUV market where so many brands have three models for us to choose from. This change in the market has taken place mostly due to the fact there is a stronger calling… Read more »

  • 02.07.16 - 2017 Smart ForTwo

    Do You Want a Tiny Car; Maybe if it’s a Convertible

    Currently when see the Smart ForTwo driving around you might think the owner is a dork or someone who allows their desire to offer a smaller footprint for the planet take away their pleasure of driving a vehicle that can be more powerful and more fun to drive. While we know the choice to drive… Read more »

  • 02.02.16 - 2016 Nissan Sentra

    This is not Your Father’s Sentra

    Even though Nissan hasn’t always been the symbol of reliability on the road the Sentra offers a staggering statistic that tells us more than 93 percent of the models built after 2005 are still on the road. While that may not seem impressive, and if you are someone who loves their trucks it’s not, for… Read more »