2019 Nissan Frontier Check Out this Midsize Truck

2019 Nissan Frontier: Check Out this Midsize Truck

The Nisan Frontier has been around for a long time. When other brands abandoned the market, this truck continued to be one of the models that were offered for a long time. This truck now gives us a variety of ways to have the right version for you to have the drive and the build… Read more »

Chevrolet Cruze

The Beginning of the End for GM

Near the end of last year, GM announced it would shut down five plants in North America and stop producing many of the sedans that have become slow sellers in the market. This announcement brought a ton of heat to the company, but GM leadership has steadfastly stated the change is a fiscal one and… Read more »

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Are You Ready for Spring?

It’s difficult to think of the sunshine and rainbows of spring when you look outside at a February winter in Ohio and see that you’ve still got several weeks of winter to get through first. Even so, if you want to get yourself in the mood to be prepared for spring, you need to find… Read more »

The Ram Warlock Casts its Spell

The Ram Warlock Casts its Spell

There’s been a serious movement by nearly all automakers to bring back names that we’ve known and admired in the past. One such name is the Ram Warlock, which is a name that was familiar in the 1970s. The Warlock first appeared on pickup trucks that were built to attract a younger audience with upgraded… Read more »

Rose Bowl Parade

Honda Leads the Rose Bowl Parade

The Rose Bowl is one of the most iconic college football bowl games held every year and this year, Honda is leading the way. One of the biggest events leading up to the game itself is the Rose Parade, which will be enjoyed by all that attend or have the pleasure of watching it on… Read more »

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A New N Vehicle from Hyundai with Lofty Targets

You would think that Hyundai would place its focus on the Genesis brand if it wants to try and compete against the luxury names that come from Germany, but the Hyundai team has another goal in mind. In order to reach the incredible power numbers needed to compete with some of the top SUV models… Read more »

Kubota Says Leave the Wheelbarrow Behind

Kubota Says “Leave the Wheelbarrow Behind”

Are you tired of hauling all the materials you need to different areas of your property by using your truck or a wheelbarrow? The fact is, your truck is too big to fit into some places comfortably and a wheelbarrow is meant to torture you and cause you to do more work than you should… Read more »

The New Mazda3 is Worth the Additional Price

The New Mazda3 is Worth the Additional Price

If you expected Mazda to create the 2019 Mazda3 and offer you the same price as you had for the previous models, you’d be kidding yourself. The new build of the Mazda3 for 2019 is offered with a significant increase in price but that price isn’t out of range and it’s worth the upgrades that… Read more »

2019 Brings us More Roush Choices

2019 Brings us More Roush Choices

Roush has been an official partner of Ford for several years and the two vehicles that we see the Roush team upgrade more than any other are the Mustang and the F-150. The Mustang easily carries on the Roush tradition and personality which comes from the track for us to enjoy the drive. The Ford… Read more »

Comfortable Style in the Genesis G80

Comfortable Style in the Genesis G80

When you want to have the tranquility that a comfortable and quiet cabin can offer you, the 2019 Genesis G80 can be the right choice for you. This car is one that brings you the features that will make you smile and impress your friends and family while offering you the look and the feeling… Read more »

  • 01.09.16 - 1991 Mercedes-Benz 500E

    Porsche Power Without the Name

    The complexities of being part of a large brand group have led Porsche to create some engines that powered some of the most exceptional rides on the market that never carried the Porsche badge.  We have often lauded the 911 and the 959 was an amazing machine and we know of the various engines that… Read more »

  • 01.06.16 - Ferrari Logo

    Ferrari is on its Own

    Sometimes we don’t know as consumers the different brand names that are under a specific umbrella in the automotive world.  The Volkswagen Group is a great example with twelve different brands under the roof and FCA is really no different.  FCA has for a few years had Ferrari along with Alfa Romeo and Maserati under… Read more »

  • 01.06.16 - Lyft Driver

    Ride Sharing Continues to Move Forward

    Uber is the most well-known ride sharing company, but there are many others out there.  These companies have become popular in metro areas where we you can hire a ride and get where you need to go without hailing a cab.  This ride sharing is done through independent owners of the vehicles and has become… Read more »

  • 01.05.16 - Monaco Racing

    Its Bucket List Time!

    We have all thought about it and maybe even created our own bucket list.  A bucket list is a list of things you want to do before you die and for some of us these items can be as simple as catching a particular fish (present company included on that one), or as elaborate as… Read more »

  • 01.03.16 - 1984 Mercedes 300D-T

    Cool Looking Slow Cars

    Most of the time we think of cool cars as only being those that offer high performance and a dynamic speed to blow us away on the track, but there have been plenty of cars over the years that have been considered cool even though they don’t offer the insane speed and performance that we… Read more »

  • 12.30.15 - 1929 Stutz Model M Four-Passenger Speedster

    Interesting Cars Sold at Auction This Year

    Some cars make it to auction because of being seized by the authorities, others are estate sales that become part of a classic collection and still others are repossessions that were not able to be recovered by the original owner.  No matter what the reason for a car making it to auction, there are many… Read more »

  • 12.29.15 - Ford Headquarters

    Finding Differentiation at Ford will Keep them Successful

    Short sightedness, even in the face of success has been the downfall of many companies throughout history.  This is the fate that Ford does not desire for itself and in a pursuit to be a company that continues to enjoy another hundred or more years of success, Ford has announced a new direction and a… Read more »

  • 12.25.15 - 2016 Tesla Model S - 2

    What Did 2015 Give Us

    Going on a trip around the sun gives us a whole year in the books and 2015 was one of the most amazing years in history.  This time around we saw some of the best cars ever made and the awesome features that were put in place in order to make the most use of… Read more »

  • 12.23.15 - Side Mirror

    What to do when You Don’t have Blind Spot Detection Technology in Your Car

    As advanced as our cars have become sometimes we drive cars that don’t have specific technologies aboard yet.  Cars have been driven for over one hundred years without blind spot detection technology installed and in many cases even without the small mirror that is convex to give you a look into the lanes and areas… Read more »

  • 12.21.15 - 2016 Porsche Cayman

    A New Generation Means Looking Back

    When an automaker presents us with a new generation of a model there are typically significant design changes present in order to make the vehicle much better than before.  Often these changes are a direct response to the questions and complaints the automaker may have received about the product or it may be a natural… Read more »