Learning new technology in a comfortable environment with Ford

Learning New Technology in a Comfortable Environment with Ford

The price of new vehicles has gone up several thousand dollars over the years and while inflation is part of the reason for this, the new technology included in a vehicle has much more to do with it. The problem is, we have this new technology offered in our vehicles, but many of us might… Read more »

2018 Cadillac XT5

2018 Cadillac XT5: The Luxury Midsize You Love

If you’ve been searching for the SUV that truly provides you with the best of every world, the Cadillac XT5 is the right choice for you. This luxury model brings you the benefits of having two roads and seating for five to make this an SUV that’s not overly packed with seats so that it… Read more »

Continuing to Grow in an Unexpected Way

Continuing to Grow in an Unexpected Way

One of the most talked about, mimicked and admired vehicles that has ever made its way across the silver screen is the Time Machine from the Back to the Future series. The car that was used to create this machine that allowed Marty McFly and Doc Brown to have their adventures was a DeLorean DMC-12…. Read more »

Pick Your Poison: BMW M Performance

Pick Your Poison

You might not want to be tortured to death and be forced to pick the poison that will be the ends of you when you’re ready to have the fun you want on the road in your BMW model; you might not want to choose the full M model from the M Performance division. In… Read more »

Blending in Style but not Performance

Blending in Style but not Performance

As you look to the automotive marketplace for the vehicle you’re ready to drive you may find that the exciting and fun midsized coupe that you’re looking for is one that looks a lot like the rest of its lineup. The BMW 440i xDrive is a car that looks like any other BMW when you… Read more »

Is it Sevens or Sixes for this Car

Is it Sevens or Sixes for this Car

One of the most intriguing cars to be added to the market in recent months is the new Porsche 911 GT2 RS. This is a car that represents everything Porsche has been working for with the next car that will take to the track and be offered as a road car the public can love… Read more »

Riding Right

Riding Right

one of the vehicles that we’ve enjoyed driving in its current form has been the Subaru Crosstrek. This compact crossover SUV is being updated for 2018 to be made better than ever and be an active vehicle that is small enough to fit in a lot of places while being large enough to be the… Read more »

What Can You Find in Alpena

What Can You Find in Alpena

When some of the first cars were built in the early part of the last century, many different small companies popped up, especially around Michigan where the automotive industry in the US seemed to call home. One of these companies was the Alpena Motor Car Company which was founded in 1910 and began to build… Read more »

2017 Bentley Bentayga The Perfect Complement

2017 Bentley Bentayga: The Perfect Complement

When you want to have a pair of vehicles from the same brand and you shop in the ultra-luxury area of the market it can be frustrating when a brand doesn’t offer an SUV that can be the perfect complement to your sedan or sports coupe to give you a great way to handle the… Read more »

2018 Dodge Charger

2018 Dodge Charger: Where Sport and Sedan Meet

Are you ready to drive a family sedan? While that might not sound like the most attractive vehicle to drive, you won’t long for the days of the sports car you used to drive when you choose the 2018 Dodge Charger. This is a sedan that has the attributes needed to be a full-size sedan… Read more »

  • Tesla may have the largest test fleet.

    Tesla May Have the Largest Test Fleet

    It’s no secret that Tesla and other automakers are in a race. That race is to see which company’s test fleet will bring a fully autonomous vehicle to the market first and offer these vehicles for sale. It seems the challenge happens to be the fact that nearly every single time there is an obstacle… Read more »

  • 05.31.17 - Tequila

    The Car that Drove Drunk

    There have been many different ways that cars have been built over the years and a large number of different engines that have been created to allow vehicles to have the propulsion needed and the drive that makes a difference on the road. Companies have experimented with different engine technologies ever since the invention of… Read more »

  • 05.25.17 - Mazda SkyActiv

    Mazda is Taking a Calculated Approach to Autonomous Driving

    We see several companies working toward the goal of bringing us a fully autonomous car to enjoy on the road and most of these companies are trying to do this in a way that allows them to race to the finish line and deliver what they want on the road. It’s as a step in… Read more »

  • 05.19.17 - Ford Raptor

    Vehicles Approved by Popular Mechanics

    One of the most popular publications in the world is Popular Mechanics and they’ve covered everything you can put a wrench or any other tool to. They have their own variety of awards that are offered to the cars for the year and many of these models have something to do with the ever increasing… Read more »

  • 05.12.17 - Maserati Levante

    Looks that Will Amaze You

    The SUV and crossover segments of the automotive market make it easy for you to have a great vehicle that can be right for you to enjoy the ride. You’ll be able to enjoy the looks and the features of many of the different models that are offered in this class. These categories have become… Read more »

  • 05.05.17 - Car Brakes

    Keep Your Brakes in Check

    You know that brakes are an important part of the driving you do on a daily basis. These are the part of your car that give you the stopping power you want and allow you to slow down around a curve when taking your foot off the gas isn’t enough. The problem with brakes can… Read more »

  • 05.01.17 - Chevrolet SS

    The GM Offering that Shouldn’t Be Deleted

    I’m sure we can agree the Corvette and Camaro are simply amazing sports cars and should never be deleted from the lineup, but one car that is being given its outright funeral procession this year is the only car in the GM package of models that comes to us as a car that has exactly… Read more »

  • 04.25.17 - Carbon Wheels

    Love Cars and Love These Items

    If your car is more than just a mode of transportation for you there’s a good chance you’re going to want to enjoy some great products that you want to add to your car or to the experience you have with your car. You can have a great time driving and enjoy what you’ve added… Read more »

  • 04.20.17 - Online Cars for Sale

    Online Car Buying Can be Successful

    There are pitfalls to avoid when buying a car online using sites such as Craigslist and eBay, but you can be extremely successful in finding the car you want with the miles you’re looking for if you simply do some homework. Make sure you avoid wiring money to foreign countries (obviously) but otherwise these simple… Read more »

  • 04.14.17 - Paris Smog

    Paris is Taking a Hard Stance on Emissions

    Air pollution is a serious problem in every part of the world. Large cities account for massive amounts of smog and pollution which comes from the dense population and the emissions put out by the vehicles in that city. This is a global issue, but with so many countries and governments it would be nearly… Read more »