Impressive Prestige on the Horizon

Impressive Prestige on the Horizon

The lead up to the New York Auto Show has begun, even though this show won’t take place until March 28 of this year. This is the show in which the 2018 World Car of the Year, along with several other awards will be awarded to give a variety of cars the recognition they deserve… Read more »

The Alfa Youll Want to Drive

The Alfa You’ll Want to Drive

The Alfa Romeo brand has been one that has been on the US market, left, and returned to the market. The first car to return to the market was the 4C which came in as a sports car that makes sure you know that you can have a lot of fun for the drive on… Read more »

Seeing a Hyundai in a Racing Video Game

Seeing A Hyundai in a Racing Video Game

Ever since video games have been around, racing games have been offered to allow players to race around a track and compete either against each other, against the computerized cars on the screen, or both. That shouldn’t come as any shock considering the racing that we’ve loved to challenge each other to ever since the… Read more »

The Run is Ending with a Bang

The Run is Ending with a Bang

How does a car company celebrate the end of an era? One great way to do so is to build a special edition of the car that pays homage to the models that came before it. Ford is preparing for the end of the production of the Focus RS hot hatch that has been one… Read more »

A Better Midsize Sedan for You to Drive

A Better Midsize Sedan for You to Drive

When you choose a midsize sedan for the driving experience you want to have, you expect this car to be one that can offer you the benefits of being active and energetic on the road while also giving you the fuel efficiency and interior comfort you need. This is a car that should be able… Read more »

TRD Pro Performance Made Better

TRD Pro Performance Made Better

The Toyota team took the show in Chicago recently when they revealed the new TRD Pro upgrades that can be added to the Tacoma, Tundra, and 4Runner for the fun you want to have when driving out on the trails. All three of these models will wear new shocks that are specially-tuned to the vehicle… Read more »

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2018 Honda Ridgeline: The Right Truck for the Occasion

If the occasions you need a truck for includes performing weekend warrior projects, going to the tailgate party at the stadium, or enjoy an agile and active vehicle on the road, the Honda Ridgeline is the truck that brings you what you’re looking for. This impressive new mid-size truck has the ability to carry up… Read more »

2018 Chevrolet Bolt EV: Continued EV Affordability

2018 Chevrolet Bolt EV: Continued EV Affordability

As Tesla continues to struggle to bring the Model 3 to the market, the Chevrolet Bolt EV is the car you can purchase that’s affordable and easy to drive while enjoying the efficiency and drive of an excellent vehicle that uses only electricity for the drive. This car is one that brings you the range… Read more »

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More Corvette for You to Drive

In the past, the top model of the Chevrolet Corvette that was offered for the driving excitement we want to have on the tracks and on the roads was the Z06 model. Now that a new model has been created to offer you a much more powerful drive, we should take a look at what… Read more »

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2018 GMC Canyon: A Rugged Premium Truck

It’s never been a secret that the GMC brand of trucks is one that has been considered a premium brand for us to drive and experience on a daily basis. The GMC Canyon is a midsize truck that stands out as a handsome performer that can be right for the drive you have to make… Read more »

  • New Ford Bronco

    The Ford Bronco May Delight and Disappoint You at the Same Time

    We’ve known for a long time that Ford has planned to bring us a new Bronco model that will become part of their SUV lineup. This isn’t going to be just another SUV that Ford offers to fill out their collection, instead this new version of an old name will be a model that is… Read more »

  • 2018 Toyota Yaris

    2018 Toyota Yaris: Bringing the Right Way to Drive

    As you take a look at the Toyota Yaris you’ll think about this car as one that reaches back to the early days of what Toyota brought to the US. In the early days, the idea for Toyota was to build small and efficient vehicles that are excellent for the driving you want to do… Read more »

  • Taking It Back

    Taking It Back

    You did it. You bought your first car, on your own. You didn’t need a co-signer and you’re incredibly proud of yourself. Congratulations, you should be. Buying your first car is a huge step, but it is a risky step unless you’ve got the means with which to sustain such a purchase. For this reason,… Read more »

  • A Small Recall From Ford

    A Small Recall from Ford

    When we talk about recalls of vehicles that are offered by some of the largest names in the automotive world we picture hundreds of thousands of models being brought back to dealerships for a fix. This is typically the case, especially when you think about some of the parts that are fairly universal such as… Read more »

  • Watch for signals on this Toyota Camry.

    Watch for Signals

    If you’ve ever driven, anywhere, you know there are two types of drivers in this world; those who know what the turn signal is, and those who do not. You see, in your car, there is a little stick, usually to the left, kind of behind the steering wheel. No, it’s not that one. That… Read more »

  • The 2018 Ford Mustang GT is ready, are you?

    The Mustang is Ready; Are You?

    The Ford Mustang has been one of the most iconic cars on the market over the past several decades and it has been admired as a performance model at an affordable price as well. For the new 2018 model year, the GT model of the Mustang is ready to give us the power and performance… Read more »

  • Evolving Car Technology

    Evolving Car Technology

    It’s not a secret that technology seems to be evolving more rapidly than we are. There’s an app to control nearly every aspect of our lives and there have been more accidents caused by people looking at their cell phones than we can count. We don’t have to be home to watch our cable TV… Read more »

  • 2018 Buick Regal Tour X

    2018 Regal Tour X

    A mere thirty years ago, station wagons were all the rage. You couldn’t drive down the road without seeing kids sandwiched in the back of one, as it hauled a rather large family on its way to Grandma’s house or to a family dinner. However, these days there aren’t many out there. Sure, there are… Read more »

  • The Jeep Pickup Truck is Spied Again

    The Jeep Pickup Truck is Spied Again

    We love to talk about what could happen with a vehicle and how it might make its way to the market with some specific components or a specific look. As much as automakers try to camouflage the vehicles they test, and Jeep has been doing a great job with the Wrangler Pickup, we still get… Read more »

  • Get stung by this car: 2018 Kia Stinger

    Get Stung by this Car: 2018 Kia Stinger

    When you think about the act of getting stung and how sharp a stinger can be on an insect you don’t want to be stung at all. The discomfort and pain that’s inflicted is certainly something you would have rather avoided, but when we’re talking about cars, you might take a different approach. The new… Read more »