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Will Hyundai Purchase FCA?

It’s been no secret that FCA CEO Sergio Marchionne has been searching for a company that could buy FCA and take over the business. Hyundai could be the one to do it. With his retirement on the horizon, Marchionne has reached out to a few different companies to try and find a partner that would… Read more »

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The Alfa You’ll Want to Drive

The Alfa Romeo brand has been one that has been on the US market, left, and returned to the market. The first car to return to the market was the 4C which came in as a sports car that makes sure you know that you can have a lot of fun for the drive on… Read more »

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Alfa Romeo Stelvio -It Looks Like a Jeep, But…

To think that the US was the only country during World War II to build a vehicle that could handle the challenges of the rough terrain offered in Europe would be naïve. As much as we admire our Jeep models that like the Jeep Wrangler came from the originally Willy’s GP model, or General Purpose… Read more »

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The Giulia isn’t Even Here and the Platform is Being Used

You have to admire how much automakers love to squeeze everything they can out of a particular platform. When a specific build works for a car often you see the same company use the build to create a great crossover SUV or another car. By doing this automakers are able to build more vehicles without… Read more »

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What does Alfa Romeo Have Up its Sleeves?

As the premier Italian Automaker that showed up so frequently in James Bond and other spy movies of the 1960’s and 1970’s Alfa Romeo has been an automaker that has offered vehicles many have dreamed of for years. By offering high-end sports cars that make hearts skip a beat and keep time with the engine… Read more »