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Well-to-Wheel from Mazda

The Mazda brand hasn’t been one that has been quick to embrace the hybrid or EV powertrains in the past, and the future might not see a ton of electrified vehicles offered by this brand. However, the future of Mazda powertrains might offer us a system that’s just as efficient or more environmentally friendly than… Read more »

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Mazda Has Been Around for a Long Time

The Mazda brand is recognizable worldwide, but it’s definitely not anything new. Mazda has been at it for a while now. Many times when we think of the brands that have been part of the automotive market for a long time we think of domestic brands that we’re familiar with such as Ford, Chrysler, and… Read more »

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Getting Behind the Wheel of the Mazda6

When you buy a car, you want to have one that offers you an excellent design and the features that make a huge impression on you when it’s time to head out for a drive. One of the most attractive cars in the midsize sedan market is the 2018 version of the Mazda6. This is… Read more »

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Mazda is Taking a Calculated Approach to Autonomous Driving

We see several companies working toward the goal of bringing us a fully autonomous car to enjoy on the road and most of these companies are trying to do this in a way that allows them to race to the finish line and deliver what they want on the road. It’s as a step in… Read more »

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Still Early but Still Possible

Every automaker is working in some way, shape or form to find new and more efficient ways to lower emissions in their vehicles. As stricter emissions regulations continue to become part of the automotive world the pressure is on to build a better gasoline engine or begin to the movement away from gasoline altogether. Because… Read more »

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A Mazda SUV Recall

Recalls aren’t fun for anyone and most of the time we see recalls on newer models of vehicles because an issue is discovered soon after the vehicle is put to market, but sometimes older models have the need for recalls as well. Recently Mazda announced it has the need to recall 190,102 Mazda CX-7 models… Read more »

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Marketing Corner: What are Millennials Looking For?

Is it any surprise that the younger generation isn’t looking for the same cars and features as their parents? It shouldn’t be at all. We have seen the shift in the automotive market time and again as the next generation of drivers want to enjoy cars that were not offered for their parents, or they… Read more »

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And Now We have a Baby

Three must be the magic number when it comes to SUVs. It worked well for the three bears so why not for the SUV market where so many brands have three models for us to choose from. This change in the market has taken place mostly due to the fact there is a stronger calling… Read more »

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Mazda Builds an Awesome Compact with the 2016 CX-3

The differentiation between a compact crossover SUV and a sedan is quickly becoming a blurred line and soon we will see most of these tiny crossovers show up with the same size as the wagons we all hated for so many years.  Even though these vehicles are getting progressively smaller, they are also becoming much… Read more »

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The Heyday of Japanese Sports Cars

The 1990s was a strange decade for auto manufacturers.  The American sports cars were being laughed at as the Big Three were trying to figure out the formula for building the next best sports cars and the Europeans seemed to be in between models across the continent.  This was a decade where power was not… Read more »