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Continuing a Sales Climb at Hyundai

The Hyundai brand is one that’s been on the move in a variety of ways for the past few years. It wasn’t long ago at all, just over a year to be exact, that two of the most prestigious models in the Hyundai lineup split off from the parent brand to create a new luxury… Read more »

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Rugged Compact Crossover Quality

As we move toward the new 2018 model year, we see a variety of excellent vehicles that have been upgraded and improved to be the vehicles you’re looking to drive on the road. One of the models that we’ve become familiar with over the years that is now being improved and made ready for you… Read more »

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2017 Lexus GX: Large and Luxurious

Like it or not, there is still room in the market for a luxury SUV that rides more like a truck and a lot less like a car. If you want a car look at the great Lexus sedans that you can drive, but if you want to have all the Lexus luxury you can… Read more »

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A New Subaru is on the Horizon

We haven’t had the Subaru Tribeca on the market since 2014. This SUV was the largest model in the lineup and offered us three rows of seats to ensure we could take the whole family along, but Subaru has new ideas for this model and the entire lineup. What we’ve seen thus far is a… Read more »

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2017 Nissan Armada: Riding at the Top

When you want to have an SUV that’s the top model in a lineup and still has the ability to be a great off-road vehicle, the Nissan Armada is the right choice. This SUV serves as a vehicle that has been part of military transport and adventure vehicles around the world to be a vehicle… Read more »

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The Giulia isn’t Even Here and the Platform is Being Used

You have to admire how much automakers love to squeeze everything they can out of a particular platform. When a specific build works for a car often you see the same company use the build to create a great crossover SUV or another car. By doing this automakers are able to build more vehicles without… Read more »

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And Now We have a Baby

Three must be the magic number when it comes to SUVs. It worked well for the three bears so why not for the SUV market where so many brands have three models for us to choose from. This change in the market has taken place mostly due to the fact there is a stronger calling… Read more »

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Renegade Vs. Crosstrek – The Battle of the Non-Posers

SUV stands for sport utility vehicle, but in the world of compact crossover SUVS the actually utility is limited. Even the sport part is almost nonexistent in the lineup, but the ability to travel on trails and take on the challenges of the outdoors certainly has most of the vehicles in this segment unable to… Read more »

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The Move to SUVs is Really Starting to Show Itself

During the first quarter of 2015 the largest dip in sales for midsized family sedans has been felt resulting in a 2.8% drop off in sales compared to the same time last year. This drop off is showing itself to be the result of an increased drive toward SUVs especially since many SUVs are now… Read more »