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Will Hyundai Purchase FCA?

It’s been no secret that FCA CEO Sergio Marchionne has been searching for a company that could buy FCA and take over the business. Hyundai could be the one to do it. With his retirement on the horizon, Marchionne has reached out to a few different companies to try and find a partner that would… Read more »

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A Mobility Move by Volkswagen

The name of the game in the automotive world of today is mobility. The question that goes along with building the cars and trucks that we trust to get us where we need to go has to do with the livability surrounding your ownership of the vehicle you drive. Mobility is all about creating a… Read more »

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Hopefully the Final Piece

While the cost to bring most of those responsible for the Volkswagen emissions scandal to the US for prosecution is out of reach, US authorities still have jurisdiction over those executives who work and reside in the US. This scandal led to the arrest of Oliver Schmidt earlier this month. Mr. Schmidt is the Volkswagen… Read more »

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Diesel Engines May be Gone but VW Keeps Moving Forward

We’ve discussed the Volkswagen diesel scandal ad nauseum and need to move on to what Volkswagen will be doing to improve the market and get back to making money in the US. The diesel scandal has already cost the brand $14.7 billion and has caused a serious decrease in the confidence we have in the… Read more »

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Although Cutting 30,000 Jobs, Volkswagen Keeps its Promise

The promise the leaders of the Volkswagen brand made when the diesel scandal erupted last year was to make sure workers wouldn’t suffer. Only those responsible for this blow to the company were to be held accountable, but the company recently announced they will cut 30,000 jobs which sounds like just the opposite. While cutting… Read more »

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VW Employees Banned from Pokemon Go Distractions

If you haven’t played the new Pokemon Go game you may very well be in the minority at this time. This new GPS based version of the game that’s been a television series and a continuation of an already twenty year-long franchise has been created for several reasons. With this new game you can capture… Read more »

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Damn Those Pesky Emissions Tests

By now we are intimately familiar with the road Volkswagen has gone down over the past year which has them at the center of an emissions cheating scandal in their diesel powered vehicles. While we know the numbers with 685,000 vehicles affected, of which 600,000 were of the 2.0-liter variety and the remainder the 3.0-liter… Read more »

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Marketing Corner: What are Millennials Looking For?

Is it any surprise that the younger generation isn’t looking for the same cars and features as their parents? It shouldn’t be at all. We have seen the shift in the automotive market time and again as the next generation of drivers want to enjoy cars that were not offered for their parents, or they… Read more »

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Starting the Change

It’s been big news for the past few months that the diesel engines from Volkswagen were actually emitting much more pollutants into the atmosphere than originally reported.  This has become a major scandal that has affected Volkswagen around the world.  Not only has the reputation of the company and brand become tarnished because of this… Read more »

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Family Sedans Compared

We can discuss great power, awesome performance, how many luxury features are aboard and the quality of the looks of just about any vehicle on or off the road, but the simple reality is if a manufacturer doesn’t offer a fantastic family sedan, or several of them, they are leaving out the largest market in… Read more »