2015 Dodge Dart Red

The Webster’s Dictionary definition of the word dart is an act of running somewhere suddenly and rapidly. Dodge’s latest addition to their vehicle lineup is aptly named, as it promises precision and speed in a small package while also offering a level of economy pricing that is well below other makers. While the name is not a new one for Dodge vehicles, the design is.

From 1960 to 1976, Dodge produced a little powerhouse of a car, known as the Dart. The Dart was produced as an alternative to the more expensive and larger Dodge models that were available in the 1960s. The Dart had many incarnations during its production years, starting as a full size car and gradually progressing down to a compact version, similar to the newer model. In 1976, the final Dart was produced and not heard from again.

Fast forward to 2013, the Chrysler Corporation had recovered from the financial crisis that nearly finished them, and their previous concept car hadn’t worked out. So began the production of the Dodge Dart 2.0. Having very little in common with the previous model, this little Dart started out by making some serious waves and attracting the attention of previous Dart lovers.

Unlike others in its category, the new Dart is not only functional, but it looks as though it is fun to drive. Not only it is available in a variety of colors that will enthrall new car buyers, but the Dart is also an incredibly attractive car. It features stylish lines and a multitude of exterior features that are new and notable. A gorgeous tail lamp design features over a hundred tiny LED lights in four of the five available models, and projector headlights. The idea in designing the exterior of this car was to go above and beyond what people expect in a compact car, and they’ve succeeded.

Big fans of multiple options, Dodge offers the Dart in five different trim levels, nine different colors, and eight different wheel styles. All in an effort to elevate the appearance, Dodge has added a stylish grille, a hood design with aerodynamics in mind, and fog lamps in certain models. Adding in a dual exhaust and heated mirrors vastly surpasses the Dart’s predecessor. Modern touches abound as Dodge has taken every effort to make this compact model a car that is passionately pursued.

Dodge has not shied away from choices under the hood either, offering three different engines for the Dart. Available in 1.4, 2.0, and 2.4 L 4-cylinder engines, this little guy has some kick inside of him. Two of the three engines sport 160 horsepower and rack up some serious power without slaying your wallet at the gas pumps. The grille, undercarriage, and roof were specifically designed to reduce the amount of drag on the Dart, and increase the ability to slice right through the surrounding air.

Tagging itself as the most technologically advanced car in its class, the Dart is loaded with a massive list of features sure to delight any tech-savvy driver. Outfitted with completely digital gauges, this vehicle is topping the list of desirable amenities. It also contains a massive 8.4 inch infotainment system that includes Bluetooth technology, SD card slot, USB port, and XM/Sirius satellite radio capability. Optional additions can use the infotainment system to provide the driver with split second updates to traffic, accidents, and closed roads.

If the list of features has you salivating, just wait. This car also has a sick sound system that will allow for a booming ride full of your favorite music to get you pumped. The Dart also boasts the availability of in-car Wi-Fi that makes the average compact car look like a child’s toy. Full of cool and trendy options like keyless entry, push to start capability, and an option for in-dash navigation sponsored by Garmin. Technophiles unite; this is the car for you.

The motto safety first was high in the minds of Dodge manufacturers and designers when they created the Dart. Aside from a well-constructed steel frame and ten standard air bags, the Dart also has a boatload of cool safety features as well. Featuring a rear parking system and a backup camera, parking and reversing are no sweat. Other safety features include a reverse detection system, blind spot monitoring, and stability control. If safety is a concern, it needn’t be in the new Dart.

Dodge created the Dart with a mission to create something new and exciting after a near collapse in the economic crisis, and they’re succeeded in a serious way. The Dart promises a little something for every driver and manages to deliver on every desirable promise it makes. This amazing little ride has Darted into hearts of drivers across the country, without question.

Written by Kerry Marasco

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