First of it’s Class Hybrid and a Bit of Humor

First of its class hybrid and a bit of humor.

First of its class hybrid and a bit of humor.

The new Chrysler Pacifica is offered in a regular version and a hybrid model. As a first of its class hybrid on the market and the minivan that’s going to usher in a new excitement for these large family movers the folks at Chrysler will continue to show us what makes the Pacifica a special minivan and one that we can enjoy on the road. The message from this recent ad, which is linked below, is the idea that this minivan is one that can actually keep up with you on the road.

We’ve already been introduced to this new minivan in its typical form, but the newest aspect of it and the first on the market is being a hybrid minivan. This first ever marks a time that we see the minivan segment moving forward in a big way with a minivan that fits into family sized budgets and offers what we’re looking for on the road. One of the most effective and important aspects of this new minivan is the fact that it offers you a range that will let you drive on for many miles without the need to stop for gas.

Not only do you have the benefit of the 33 miles of EV range from the batter power that’s been charged up overnight, but you have a full 566 miles if driving range in this minivan to make it easy to keep on driving without ever stopping for gas. This equates to an 84 MPGe that makes this the most fuel efficient vehicle that fits at least seven passengers inside and uses a hybrid powertrain. This efficiency is one of the most impressive and important aspects of why you should consider the hybrid version of the Pacifica for your family.

In addition to this impressive power and performance, the ChrysPacifica hybrid offers you a variety of excellent features including the connectivity you want, the comfortable seats, stow ‘n go seating that allows you to configure the cargo and carrying ability the way you want and an upgraded infotainment system. With what this new minivan has to offer your family, the choice between a minivan and an SUV will become one that’s more difficult for you to make than it was in the recent past, which makes the Chrysler Pacifica the vehicle that is easily shuttering in an even better minivan era for us to enjoy.

Check out the video below and have a few laughs at what the marketing department of Chrysler came up with to show us this new hybrid version of the Pacifica. If you’re looking for a vehicle that can give you the range you want and the right powertrain for you, this is a vehicle that can offer you exactly what you’re looking for in a minivan that might be able to keep up with you out on the road and provide you with the performance that you want to enjoy on a daily basis.

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