Should Chevrolet Be Doing More for the Bolt EV?

Bolt EV

Chevrolet has successfully offered us the new Bolt EV as the model that is offered with the range desired and the price that makes a lot of difference when shopping for an EV model. As a car that happened to live up to the promise of being offered with the price that’s affordable after the Federal Tax Rebate and a range of 238 miles, it seems like the Chevrolet team should be trying to do more to persuade customers to take a look at the Bolt and make it the right EV model for them to drive.

While not every driver is one that will want to drive a car that has no gasoline engine back up at all, it appears Tesla has done some of the legwork for Chevrolet and could be a ripe place for the bowtie badge to stake its claim. Tesla promised an EV that’s affordable as well and has developed the Model 3 to be the one that many want to drive. Unfortunately, the Model 3 is having trouble getting produced as quickly as needed to fulfill the orders that were paid for with a $1,000 deposit in order to be put on the list of customers.

How Could Chevrolet Take Advantage of the Situation?

This may seem like a simple no-brainer and an easy fix for Chevrolet to simply offer everyone who has paid $1,000 to hold their place in line for a car that appears to be a long time coming. Unless the Tesla team is able to create the production efficiency needed, they are going to be working to fulfill the over 400,000 order for the Tesla Model 3 for several years and those near the middle and end of the list will likely turn to another model for the drive.
All Chevrolet would have to do is require a person who has a Tesla reservation to prove they have their place in line and then Chevrolet can offer an additional $1,000 rebate to those that choose the purchase the Bolt EV. This seems like it would be an easy offer and should already be a huge part of the marketing strategy for this car. For some reason, Chevrolet continues to avoid this seemingly low-hanging fruit that can make it easy to have the transformation of Tesla reservations that can be converted to Chevrolet sales for the Bolt EV.

Future for Bolt EV

It certainly seems that Chevrolet needs to do more to try and sway potential Tesla owners to choose the Bolt EV instead. There are currently nearly 400,000 potential EV drivers ready to wait for the Model 3 that could just as easily be driving the Bolt EV instead. This number would certainly allow the Bolt model to have a spike in sales and the fact that this number of people have already placed $1,000 in reserve to hold their place shows their interest and desire to drive an EV model and have the desired drive for the future; Chevrolet just needs to take advantage of this reservation list and make some quick converts out of the numbers waiting for a Tesla Model 3.

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