Nuburgring: Performance Isn’t Required

Nuburgring- Performance Isnt Required

Nuburgring- Performance Isnt Required

When we think about the speed of a vehicle and look for it to set records around a track, one track in the world comes to mind. the “Holy Grail” of the automotive world belongs to the Nurburgring track in Germany. This track offers 12.9 miles of twists, turns, hills, curves, and every driving condition you might think of when out on the road. Even so, there have been many automakers that have brought their top performance machines to this track in order to see what they could do to show off serious performance.

What we Normally see at the ‘Ring

The Nurburgring track is where the most powerful and agile sports cars from the European brands show up to give us a look at what they can do. Whether is a new BMW model that can cut up the corners with ease, a beautiful Porsche that shows off with speed and agility, or a Lamborghini that shows how this track can be tamed but the bulls can’t, we know the names of the cars that have come to the track to try to be the top performers in their class and receive the bragging rights.

Every class of vehicle has shown up at the Nurburgring track, but when it comes to automakers tests, these cars are tuned up to try and destroy the track and the times that have come before them. We’ve seen the fastest sedan tested at this track, hot hatches that show off with the performance we admire, and the few American models that have come to let the Europeans know that performance is a global quality. Recently, we’ve seen something different at this track than these tuned up, tested, and ready to rip performance cars that have come to this track in the past.

Tourist Season

For a short period of time every year, the Nurburgring track is open to the public. All you need is a vehicle with a license plate and the money to purchase some time on the circuit. This track has become a fantastic tourist location and a favorite destination of car loves around the world. Those who love the automotive industry and want to experience the most revered track in the world can do so during a European vacation. This means there are some interesting characters that make their way to the track, and I’m not just talking about the vehicles.

Check out the video below and enjoy some of the different vehicles that people chose to take to this lauded track for a lap around the Green Hell. It might look a bit sacrilegious to those who are purist of the performance world, but the opportunity to drive this track, even in a car that doesn’t belong on it, is something that shouldn’t be passed up. Enjoy the video and image what it would be like if you were to pay for a bit of track time on this amazing loop when you take a vacation to the area.


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