3 Unheard of Cars from Mitsubishi

The history of the automotive world is filled with rich and impressive vehicles that we’ve admired for a long time. Different events over the past 120 years have caused some brands to be deleted, other added, and certain vehicles to experience the same. Most of us can think back to a time of brands that we no longer see on the road, and it doesn’t take too much effort. You might not realize it, but since 1917, the Mitsubishi brand has been giving us vehicles to drive and enjoy.

The Span of History for Mitsubishi

While the Mitsubishi brand has been fighting to find a stronghold in the market in the US since 2008, there was a time when this brand had some of the most exciting and enjoyable vehicles in the market. The link below gives you a history of the brand beginning in1917 with the Model A and going to 2008 with the Galant Fortis Sportback. Take a look at the different models offered and enjoy the look at some of the impressive vehicles or the fun and crazy JDM models that never made it across the Pacific to our shores.

A Few Models You’ll See

1. Mitsubishi Minica Toppo

If you want to think about a little car that was uniquely-built, the Minica Toppo was a car that offered this for you. This little car has a single door on the driver’s side and two doors on the passenger side to give you an interesting build. The Super High Roof gave more height to the standard roof and made it possible for you to have more headroom in a small car. This little car had diagonal door handles and a strange set of headlights at the front to give you a car that was a bit different.

2. Mitsubishi FTO

Mitsubishi made a large number of sports cars that were made to give you the exciting experience desired on the road and at the track. The FTO was a small sports coupe that carved up the roads and makes the drive better. You might not know anything about this car unless you played the Gran Turismo video game because it slotted below the GTO which was the 3000GT in the US. This car was cool, quick, and a lot of fun to drive, giving us a car that was great in the 1990s.

3. Mitsubishi Delica

One vehicle that you see all over the Pacific Northwest now is the Mitsubishi Delica. This was a JDM off-road minivan that was made to give you the roominess and driving capabilities needed to ensure you could go where you need to with the gear you need. This van has passed the 25-year import embargo and many people love to drive it around the areas they live in to have an adventure and pull up to the side of a lake. The 4WD layout made it easy for you to take the Delica wherever you needed to go.

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