What to Know About Towing a Car Behind an RV

What to Know About Towing a Car Behind an RV

If you’re going to drive an RV and you want to get around when you arrive at your destination, you’ll need another vehicle with you.

You can tow a car or small truck behind your RV so that you can have a smaller vehicle to drive around on the city streets and avoid the hassles of pulling up stakes and taking your RV wherever you need to go. Let’s look at some things you should know about towing a car behind your RV.

RV Towing: Toading

Toading is also called 4 Wheels Down Towing which means that all four wheels of the car or truck you pull behind the RV will ride on its own wheels. This type of towing is pretty simple and has little to no impact on the fuel mileage of the RV. All you need is a tow bar to attach to the vehicle when you tow.

Factors that Determine How You Tow

There are two distinct factors that will tell you if you can tow your car behind the RV on all four wheels. These are the policy of the manufacturer and the mechanical capabilities. Most models that have a manual transmission can be pulled while Toading, but some will need modifications to be able to handle the drive.

Consider the Brand You Tow Behind the RV

A variety of models can be towed behind your RV without modifications being done, and these are the ones you should consider. Most Jeep vehicles, along with some Ford, Dodge, Chevrolet, and Honda cars, SUV, and trucks can easily be towed without using expensive equipment to change the vehicle at all. Check with your manufacturer to make sure you have a vehicle that can be towed with all four wheels on the ground.

When Toading is Not an Option

Another option to consider when you want to tow a car behind your RV is to use a tow dolly. While this does put some pressure on the RV, you will save your car and know that you have a vehicle you can drive around town when you arrive at your next destination. The tow dolly raises the drive wheels of the car up off the ground during the drive.

Challenges of Tow Dollies

While it seems easy enough to use a tow dolly to raise the wheels up off the ground, there are several items you need to know when you choose one of these items. Some states require separate licenses, you’ll need on-board brakes for the tow dolly, you need two people to move the tow dolly, and you need to consider the maintenance of this item. Make sure your RV can handle the added weight of the dolly and your vehicle.

Regardless of the way you tow your car or truck behind your motor home, having this extra vehicle is a convenience you want to enjoy when you travel. Turn your road trips into more fun adventures with the small vehicle you’ll use to explore the area when you tow it behind your RV.

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