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Nissan’s New Driver-Assist Technology Is the Key to Collision Avoidance

Nissan LIDAR

Just recently, Nissan has announced the development of their all-new driver-assist technology, which uses particularly precise, real-time information about the car’s surroundings and environment to ensure collisions at all costs. This technology is the newest and most innovative strategy for keeping passengers safe and roads performing at peak efficiency.

In Yokohama, Japan, where Nissan is testing their new collision avoidance technology, a Nissan vehicle using the enhancement was able to test and demonstrate the technology’s ability successfully.

The Ground-Breaking Technology

Nissan’s “Ground-Truth-Perception” is to thank for this advancement in vehicular safety. The system utilizes information from next-generation and high-performance LIDAR, essentially radar and cameras that can detect the environment around the vehicle. This technology can recognize objects and the distance between them and the vehicle, as well as the structure of the surrounding area, all in real-time which is essential for safety and accuracy.

Using this information to its benefit, a vehicle equipped with this potentially life-saving technology is able to read the road, analyze its surroundings, and successfully and automatically perform collision maneuvers. The system can also detect a rapid decrease in slowed traffic and road obstacles. In doing this, the vehicle can make lane changes and decrease its speed when necessary. And for drivers who do not have access to detailed map information, this technology can provide support with that, too.

With cars getting smarter and smarter by the day, it is important that Nissan keep up with the changes. This technology easily rivals that of the best safety tech in any automotive brand out there. Drivers of the popular Nissan Altima will be eagerly waiting for this technology to arrive.

A Look Into the Development

The senior vice president at Nissan, Takao Asami, who is leading global research and development, is confident and proud of the technology that Nissan is developing. As one of the leading companies that are providing such a luxury, Asami believes that this new technology is the first and most crucial step towards autonomous driving. Although the ground truth perception technology is still in-development, Asami is confident that this system will significantly increase the driver’s safety, reduce traffic accidents, and contribute to autonomous driving in the future.

Part of the reason why Asami is so confident in this system is that Nissan has partnered with the most advanced, cutting-edge companies to help them in the process of making this new, life-saving technology.

The next-generation LIDAR, one of the most important aspects of this system, is being developed by Luminar, a company leading the research and development of autonomous driving. Drivers doing research on this new technology, wondering if they would like to have it in their vehicle one day, should feel assured knowing that Nissan consulted the experts when developing this technology.

As our reality, as it pertains to driving on the road becomes more digital, and as the need for collision avoidance becomes more and more evident, it is important that Nissan create a system that can be aware of itself and its surroundings with the utmost preciseness. That is why Nissan is teaming up with Applied Intuition, a company that creates state-of-the-art simulation technology. This should tell you that Nissan is extremely serious when it comes to creating something that can detect and decide what to do with maximal accuracy.

Nissan hopes to complete the ground truth technology by the mid-2020s. Their long-term vision, Nissan Ambition 2030, aims to utilize this new technology in virtually every model released after 2030. As for now, the technology will be available on select new models.

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