10 Roads Every Car Enthusiast Needs to Drive

10 Roads Every Car Enthusiast Needs to Drive

If every road were perfectly straight and flat, they would be boring. Thankfully, there are some amazing roads that every car enthusiast should drive.

These roads offer some of the greatest challenges, most incredible scenery, and most enjoyable driving experiences in the world. Whether it’s on the side of a mountain, alongside an ocean, or through some rolling hills, you’ll have a lot of fun when you drive on these roads. Get your bucket list out and make you’re your world travels include these countries and the most fun roads in the world.

Head to Italy and Drive Passo Dello Stelvio

If you’ve ever wondered where the Alfa Romeo Stelvio got its name, it’s from this road in Italy. The Stelvio Pass, as it’s known in English, is found in the Italian Alps, and it’s one of the most incredible driving roads in Europe. The road offers an elevation of 2,757 meters above sea level, making it the second highest paved road in the Alps mountain range. There are more than 60 hairpin turns along the 15 miles of this amazing road that sits on the side of a few mountains.

The Scenery Along the Pacific Coast Highway is Incredible

The Pacific Coast Highway is also known as California Highway 1, and it runs from San Francisco to Los Angeles along the Pacific coastline of the United States. You’ll see the amazing coastline with cliffs on one side and the ocean on the other. This road winds for about 200 km along the coast to give you the drive you’ll remember for many years. Make sure you take a few pictures at the scenic overlook areas along the way.

Norway Offers You Tollstigen “Trolls Path,” Which is an Amazing Drive

If you want a serpentine road, one that every car enthusiast must visit and drive is Trolls Path, which is located in Rauma, Norway. This part of the road is a portion of Norwegian National Road 63, and it’s one of the steepest roads, with 11 sharp turns for you to enjoy. This road is located in a remote and beautiful area of the country, offering an amazing spectacle of engineering that stands as a popular tourist attraction.

Head to New Zealand and Drive the Milford Road

One of the most scenic roads in the world is Milford Road in New Zealand. This road starts at Te Anau and runs through the Fiordland National Park, offering some amazing sights for you to enjoy. The Homer Tunnel is an amazing place to enjoy a deep dive into the Sound along this road. You’ll never forget your time on the Milford Road. If you’re a car enthusiast, put this road on your bucket list, it’s a road you’ll want to drive on and enjoy.

The Tianmen Mountain Road in China Will Give You Some Thrills

This amazing road is part of China’s Tianmen Mountain National Park, and it took eight years to construct. You’ll wind up the side of Tianmen Mountain and rise 3,609 feet from the start to finish, which is only about six miles. Another name for this road is “The Gateway to Heaven” because it seems to tower up toward the sky. Along the way, you’ll find 99 bends with cliffs and valleys on both sides.

Norway Also Offers the Atlantic Road

The Atlantic Road truly goes through the scenery, but you need to stay alert and pay attention to avoid putting your car in the ocean. The landscape is dramatic and powerful, giving you an amazing place to drive and see something unique. This road crosses small islands along the north coast of Norway, with several bridges that rise and fall with the islands. The fact that the road moves so much makes it that much more fun for you to drive and enjoy this road.

Check Out the Amazing Beauty of the Amalfi Coast Road in Italy

The Amalfi Coast is one of the most amazing places to visit in the world, and the road named after the area winds along the coastline to offer some incredible scenery. This is a wonderful road for car enthusiasts and tourists alike. You drive through Sorrento, Positano, and Amalfi, all of which offer some amazing views and wonderful places for you to enjoy the food and drinks you associate with this area of Italy.

Let Your Spine Tingle Along the Transfagarasan Highway in Romania

An amazing road that seems to be forged by explosives is found in Romania. This road was made in the 1970s, and it offers some of the most incredible views while winding its way through the Carpathian Mountains. The road links Transylvania and Wallachia with tunnels, bridges, and viaducts. This is a road that every car enthusiast should drive on and enjoy at some point in their life. It might be hard to pronounce, but it’s one of the most incredible roads in the entire world.

The Col de Turini in France is a Wonderful Road for a Drive

This area of the French Alps is part of the Monte Carlo Rally and the Tour de France, making it one of the most competed on roads in the world. Col de Turini offers a long series of tight turns that weave their way up the sides of mountains and earned the nickname “night of the long knives” when the road was part of the night segment of the race. This is a road you’ve got to put on your list.

It’s Hard to Say, but Grossglockner Hochalpenstrasse in Austria Should be on Your List

You’ll only have 30 miles of driving on this amazing road in Austria, but it offers you some of the most amazing drives in the world. You’ll see views of 37 different mountains when you’re at the peak of this amazing road. There are some sheer drops and 36 serpentine turns that make this one of the most harrowing and fun roads to drive on in the world. Car enthusiasts should have this Austrian road at the top of their list.

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