2023 Acura RDX: The Compact Luxury SUV You Should Drive

2023 Acura RDX: The Compact Luxury SUV You Should Drive

BMW might blow you away with driving dynamics, but the 2023 Acura RDX is a sensible, attractive, and more affordable choice in the luxury SUV class.

Do you really need to pay a higher price to drive a German luxury SUV? Is it smart to worry about horsepower when 95% of your driving is done on the road and in traffic? Don’t get fooled and blown away by what other brands offer when you need a high-quality luxury compact crossover SUV. The RDX has everything you need and much more.

The Acura way of doing things

The RDX is one of the most affordable luxury SUVs in the market, but it still gives you an impressive level of build quality, reliability, standard equipment, and resale value. This makes the RDX one of the best options in its class. You’ll only find one trim level for this amazing SUV, but that trim level is offered with some great packages and options to allow it to be equipped exactly how you want. Choose the Technology and Advanced packages, or look to the A-Spec treatment to bring in the features you want in your SUV.

This Acura SUV drives right

Just because the Acura RDX isn’t as planted or dynamic as a sporty BMW model doesn’t mean it’s boring. In fact, the opposite is true. This incredible SUV brings responsive steering, confident braking, plenty of power, and an engaged feeling on the road. Toss in the benefits of the Super Handling All-Wheel Drive system, and you’ve got the intelligence required to send power to individual wheels to maximize grip and stability during your ride. This feature is an individual option for most RDX models, but if you choose the Advance package, it comes with the package added to this luxury SUV.

Did Acura add anything new to this SUV?

You won’t find new features or an upgraded powertrain in the RDX. For the 2023 model year, Acura adds the benefits of two years/24,000 miles of complimentary maintenance to get you started the right way with your new SUV. This vehicle also comes with three years of AcuraLink, which is a subscription service. This service includes Amazon Alexa, a Wi-Fi hotspot, remote locking and unlocking, and stolen vehicle location. These two upgrades certainly make it much easier for you to have a complete experience with your Acura SUV.

Does the interior offer the desired luxurious feeling?

The Acura RDX isn’t nearly as posh as a Mercedes-Benz GLC, but it also costs a lot less than the Merc. Acura includes high-quality materials and an impressive build to make this SUV one that is perfect for the drive. You’ll find standard ambient LED lighting and a set of heated front seats to offer a welcoming environment inside this SUV. When you need to carry gear in the back, the RDX has 29.5 cubic feet of space behind the rear seats, which expands to 58.9 cubic feet when the rear seats are folded down.

Are there any features that stand out in the RDX?

Some of the items that can certainly stand out to you and give you everything you want include:

Powered Tailgate

When you add the Advanced package to the RDX, you’ll have a powered tailgate that uses a hands-free opening and closing. This feature is becoming more commonplace in the market, giving you an easy way to open and close the rear when you need to load and unload items in this area of the vehicle.

GPS-Linked Climate Control

To receive this item, you have to choose the Technology package. The feature uses the exterior temperature to set a consistent interior feeling for you. It also uses a solar sensor to read the outside information and provide you with a cabin that feels right. This feature takes away the need to constantly adjust the temperature during your drive.

ELS Audio System

When you want to hear some of the clearest sounds coming out of the Acura RDX’s audio system, you’ll love the sounds from this audio system. The system has 16 speakers and 710 watts of power, and it’s part of the A-Spec package. The ELS audio system was developed with Elliot Scheiner, a Grammy-winning recording engineer.

Is there anything you won’t like about the RDX?

Nearly everything you see inside this Acura SUV offers the most advanced tech, features, and qualities to make this an amazing SUV to drive. This SUV includes wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto for your connectivity, and it brings a head-up display into the mix to project vital instrument information on the dashboard. These are all great features of this SUV.

The item you’ll probably have trouble accepting is the infotainment system. Instead of a touchscreen, this system uses a touchpad controller. If you’re used to using a touchscreen, this system can take some time to understand and become familiar with. It’s certainly a strange thing to see in an SUV that has so many other advanced features.

How much power does this Acura SUV offer?

The Acura RDX is relatively muscular with lots of impressive features and qualities for your driving pleasure. The powertrain is ideal for this vehicle, giving you a 2.0-liter turbocharged 4-cylinder engine attached to a 10-speed automatic transmission. This powertrain delivers 272 horsepower and 280 lb-ft of torque. Acura recommends using at least 91-octane fuel in this engine which delivers 22 city/28 hwy mpg in FWD models and 21 city/27 hwy mpg when you add the SH-AWD system.

Will you drive the 2023 Acura RDX?

When you’re searching for a relatively sensible luxury crossover SUV, the RDX makes a lot of sense. This SUV has a roomy cargo hold, excellent features, comfortable seats, a high-quality build, and some added benefits for you. The only hiccup we can find is the infotainment system controlled by a touchpad.

If you want a luxury crossover that makes a lot of sense with excellent practicality and quality, it’s hard to argue with what the 2023 Acura RDX brings to the table. Step in and see if this could be the right vehicle for you to enjoy the drive every day.

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