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Has it Really Been that Long; Will It Ever Come Back

While this would only take a very small part of the market there hasn’t been a four door convertible that made it to production in more than fifty years. That seems like a travesty of the market and its high time we bring back some form of a four door car that has nothing but… Read more »

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Now What is Lincoln Up To?

Lincoln has suffered a lot of hard hits over the recent years.  As the last brand to realize the important of moving away from the large luxury models that were boring road boats that carried people in quiet comfort but not much more the brand began to build most of its cars on the Ford… Read more »

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The Absence that has Sorely Been Missed

As much as we love other Lincoln models, nothing that carries the Lincoln name has quite the same name recognition and historically supreme story as the Continental. Where has this iconic luxury car been for the past several years? It has been on the design table at Lincoln, waiting to make its comeback as a… Read more »