05.25.16 - 2016 Audi TT

When you think of a small sports car what comes to mind? Does a first generation Corvette enter your thoughts, maybe a Porsche 911, possible a model from Ferrari or even the Ford Mustang? The one car we often don’t think of in this category is the Audi TT, but we really should. This car is one that looks great and is a lot of fun to drive no matter how its equipped and because it only has a few possibilities you won’t miss a thing if you choose one version over another. The Audi TT is a luxury sports car that feels more like it should be badged by an American name.

Let’s start with a few statistics to get them out of the way so we can really dig deep into this car. The Audi TT makes use of 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine that puts out 220 horsepower and 258 lb.-ft. of torque. This engine is mated to a six-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission and the powertrain offers you a 23 city/30 hwy mpg. Nothing about this powertrain seems luxury although the average Audi TT will command a price that comes in somewhere near $50,000.

The TT is a small sports coupe that looks like it should be on the stand as a concept car. There’s no way any automaker actually took this car to production, it’s too perfect. But Audi did just that and we are certainly thankful they chose this car to head to the dealerships with for us to admire and enjoy. There is a higher performance pair in the forms of the S and RS models with additional horsepower that has made this the car you would love to drive if given the chance. The only drawback to the TT is the fact so many forget it’s an actual sports car until they see one.

Audi has worked to get past this overlooked feeling, but now offers us the third generation of the TT which is the most aggressive in its design. The front fascia of this car features a large grill and scowling headlights along with sharp lines to make for a sinister look. The angles and curves of the TT let you know this is a car with a purpose and that purpose is to be the choice you make for your sports coupe to be a great performer that will offer you the fun you want to enjoy on any road.

As we’ve already discussed the base model output, you should know what the upgraded models can give you. The TTS will offer 292 horsepower and 280 lb.-ft. of torque from the same engine that has simply been tuned up to deliver the additional power you want. All versions use the same transmission but when put together and aided by the fact this car has the Quattro AWD system this is a car that will immediately respond to whatever input you give it. Press the gas pedal and you are off on a wild adventure in your sports car that is made to ensure you have a great time on every road.

One way the TT ensures you have a great time on the road is by use of the Audi Drive Select System. This system is made to change some of the vehicle parameters to give you the feel you want on any road. The dynamic mode will allow you to have a RWD feeling from the AWD system to allow for a sportier handling and a drive that truly feels like a sports car.

To add a few more numbers to the mix, the TT can reach sixty mph in only 5.3 seconds with the roadster reaching the same mark in 5.6 seconds. The TTS can achieve this feat in only 4.6 seconds to make it a bit faster on its feet, but that’s to be expected with the added power this model offers. All told you won’t want for quickness in this car as it takes off without a hint of lag and gives you everything you could ever want from this awesome car that has become the sports car you now think about before some of the previously mentioned models.

The build of this car is based on the MQB architecture created at the Volkswagen Group. This architecture is used on the Golf, the Passat, and even on Seats and Skodas. Of course Audi couldn’t just take the underpinnings as is and move on, instead there has been a lot of aluminum added and different ways that less mass was achieved to give us a car that weighs in at less than 3,200 pounds. This is certainly a light weight but this car does feature a cast iron engine block which seems it could be much lighter if made of cast aluminum, but maybe that will be the change made for the next generation.

Inside this car you feel the sportiness of the car and the luxury of the brand. The circular air vents are similar to those found in many cars but these feature the controls for the climate system in the center of each one to make for a great way to have fewer buttons than in most cars. This also makes the controls easier to see and use while ensuring you can keep your eyes on the road ahead.

The instrument cluster combines the functions of a navigation system to make for a car that has everything you need right in front of you, once you figure out how to use all the amazing features. You will enjoy soft features everywhere inside this car and enjoy the fact that it’s a sports car with one of the most highly acclaimed interiors on the market today. Every inch of the interior of the TT has been detailed to give you the dual feeling of sport and luxury that you want to enjoy from this awesome little sports coupe that is perfect for your drive.

Overall the Audi TT is a refined and sophisticated machine that has a performance underbelly to be a car that embraces the road and gives you the fun you want to have. No one wants to be thought of as being too serious or stodgy for the road and this sports luxury car is the one that offers the personality and performance you want to enjoy. You can take this car out for a slow cruise in the country or you can let it loose when it’s time to see how you can toss it around on a winding road to give you the driving therapy you yearn for.

Written by Scott Boyd

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