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A Kia that Gives You More

Don’t be fooled by its size, the Kia Niro is a giant in a small world. This vehicle is one that blends many of the qualities and features that we value in the automotive world we live in today. The Kia Niro is part hatchback and part small SUV to make sure you can have… Read more »

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Going Hybrid with Hyundai

For the many years that we’ve seen hybrid vehicles offered, they have never been exciting, fun, or engaging. Sure, the hybrid models have given us the fuel savings we’ve desired, but having a vehicle that can save money on fuel that’s also easy to enjoy on the road is something we should look for. The… Read more »

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Nissan is Bucking the Trend

The movement toward more EV models on the road has begun and nearly every automaker has committed to building a selection of models that we’ll love to drive in the future. While we’ve seen a movement from the tiny compact hatchback and sedan models of the previous EVs to some sedans and even SUVs that… Read more »

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A Chevy Bolt Driver with Hands Off the Wheel

Recently, a Chevy Bolt driver was spotted on the road, doing everything but actually driving the vehicle. What would you think if you clearly saw another driver with both hands off the wheel, attention on a cell phone, and the vehicle in motion? You’d likely think that this vehicle is one that wasn’t being operated… Read more »

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The Lexus Sports Coupe Dilemma

The Lexus LC is the sports coupe that offers a dynamic drive and the look that will quickly capture your attention. This amazing car is one that shows up with the sharp lines and smooth curves combined together to be the car that shows you the blend of qualities that make an attractive and impressive… Read more »

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First of it’s Class Hybrid and a Bit of Humor

The new Chrysler Pacifica is offered in a regular version and a hybrid model. As a first of its class hybrid on the market and the minivan that’s going to usher in a new excitement for these large family movers the folks at Chrysler will continue to show us what makes the Pacifica a special… Read more »

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2016 Tesla Model X: Brand New and Simply Amazing

While the Tesla Model X was on the market most of 2016, this is the first opportunity to review this amazing vehicle and its certainly one that has what we want where it should be. If you’re familiar with Tesla you know this is an EV model that doesn’t have any type of backup program at… Read more »

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Electrified Law Enforcement

California has previously announced they intend to have zero emissions by the year 2040 in order to be a leader in the world of lower pollution into the atmosphere. In order to work toward creating this reality not only do the citizens of the state need to change from gasoline engines to the propulsion systems… Read more »

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2016 Mercedes-Benz B-Class: The Yin and Yang of the EV World

While it’s important to highlight the positive aspects of a vehicle, especially if it’s a model that is supposed to appeal to a large audience, there are times when the reality is a vehicle is meant only for a smaller niche group than to be a widely advertised mode. This is the case for the… Read more »

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The Toyota Mirai Starts with Success

As the first hydrogen fuel-cell vehicle offered in the US, the Mirai was not set up for success, but already has the makings of a successful launch and may be ready to be the car that takes us to a brand new version of power for the automotive industry.  The Mirai with its hydrogen fuel-cell… Read more »