Ford Clears the Way for Potential EV Customers

Ford Clears the Way for Potential EV Customers

Range anxiety is the most significant barrier to EV mass adoption. Ford plans to win over these consumers with free high-speed chargers for every Ford Mustang Mach E, F-150 Lightning, and other new EV they sell.

How the Automaker Plans to Battle Range Anxiety

Ford has had a rough year, not just because of the UAW strikes. The automaker also lost nearly $5 billion from its Model E EV unit. Thankfully, engineers know the problem isn’t with the Ford Mustang Mach E or other specific EVs. The problem is range anxiety.

Addressing a Serious Customer Concern

Ford isn’t the only company losing money on its EV units now. Unfortunately, many Americans are still hesitant to adopt the new technology.

Drivers cite many reasons for sticking with combustion engines. Range anxiety is the biggest of them. People are afraid to drive away in an F-150 Lightning or Ford Mustang Mach E because they don’t want to get stuck somewhere with no way to recharge the battery.

Ford is far from the only automaker struggling with this problem. According to the PwC, the US needs far more public charging infrastructure. One analysis indicates the need for a tenfold growth in public EV charging stations to handle anticipated demands.

Potential Solutions to a Common Problem

Since it takes years to improve infrastructure, Ford needs a solution for battling range anxiety while that happens. Though the EV range is ever-increasing, it’s not doing so at a sufficient rate to assuage driver concerns.

Some automakers are simply outfitting their EVs with larger batteries to add range. The problem with this strategy is that it increases the cost for vehicles that are already priced higher of necessity than standard gas-engine vehicles.

Ford has a different solution.

Buy a New Ford Mustang Mach E, Get a New Fast Charger

Part of the infrastructural issue currently impacting drivers is that America has multiple fast-charging systems. Tesla has around 12,000 Superchargers set up throughout the country, but they feature different connection points.

The good news for potential EV buyers and Ford stakeholders is that the technology isn’t exclusive. Using Tesla Superchargers just requires an adapter. Now, every Ford Mustang Mach E and F-150 Lightning will come with a free one.

Ford’s move is more than a gimmick. The company hopes to entice customers still on the fence about going electric, which would generate some extra revenue for its struggling EV unit.

The automaker’s approach could help to make up for last year’s losses from its EV unit, giving the company some leeway to increase production and bring overhead costs down. As that happens, the cost of every Ford Mustang Mach E, F-150 Lightning, and future EV will fall.

Most consumers aren’t ideologically opposed to adopting EV technology. They’re scared it will negatively impact the practical details of their lives. Reducing this understandable barrier to entry by providing free fast-charge adapters is a smart move on Ford’s part and it should pay off.


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