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A Unique Way to Have the Corvette You Want

The experience of driving the Chevrolet Corvette in any form is certainly something special and should be taken as an experience that you don’t get to have often. Even so, there are some of you who have driven and enjoyed the Corvette in several different models over the years and would like to have something… Read more »

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Pagani Took the Huayra to an Inconceivable Level

Creating a roadster from a supercar is part of the developmental process of the cars we see from automakers such as Ferrari, Pagani, Lamborghini and others. Most of the time the simplest way to create the roadster is to cut off the top and put on a convertible roof. That’s really all there is to… Read more »

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A Look at the New Super Car

The Rezvani Beast Alpha has been put on display and it seems to be gaining a lot of attention. This car hasn’t even been put into production and already many people want one. They might not even hear the engine or know the stats, but this is already a car that people want and has… Read more »

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Do You Know These Supercars?

What are the familiar supercar names? The first to typically come to mind are Porsche, Lamborghini and Ferrari. Others may be Pagani, McLaren and Aston Martin, but most of us would not have a clue what some of the following supercars are or where they came from. There are many smaller names in the world… Read more »

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Oh, How Things Have Changed

Can you imagine ten or twenty years ago thinking that a supercar could also be a green car? Not a chance. These two types of cars were mutually exclusive from each other and could not coexist in the same skin. If a car was a green car it was dubbed as slow and boring while… Read more »

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Lamborghini offers the Asterion LPI 910-4

Exotic cars have long been the top of the mountain when it comes to over the top power and performance. The changes in technology have brought many of the exotic models to a place where technology is just as prevalent as the performance of a car. This gives them a leg up over many other… Read more »