What Does Aston Martin Have to Offer in 2022?

What Does Aston Martin Have to Offer in 2022?

The iconic name of Aston Martin continues its impeccable reputation for delivering the cars we would love to drive on the road and track.

While not an automaker that adheres to a traditional model year reveals, this brand has a ton of cool cars come to us for 2022. You could be looking for the next DB version that might be worthy of some 007 driving, or you could be ready to hear about where this brand will be in the racing circuits this year. Let’s dive in and take a look.

The Formula One Race Car is On the Way

Aston is the first brand to announce the launch date for its Formula One race car, called the AMR22. This car will arrive on February 10, with a social media release that will follow. Last year, this team finished seventh in the Formula One racing circuit with four-time champion Sebastian Vettel and Lance Stroll behind the wheel. These two will come together for a second season to see if they can find their way to the top of the charts.

The 2022 year of Formula One racing comes with a lot of changes to the rules for the design of the race cars. This racing series is also putting greener fuel with a higher percentage of biofuel in the mix to give racing teams a challenge they have to face if they want to be competitive in Formula One racing this year.

Changes to the Cars

Aston Martin, along with the rest of the Formula One racing teams, will need to build cars that can run on larger 18-inch wheels with low-profile tires. These larger wheels replace the traditional 13-inch wheels that have been used in the past. These cars will also have redesigned front wings and noses to give them more consistent downforce while in a crowd.

These new cars will also have 48 percent more front impact energy and 15 percent additional rear impact energy to protect the driver in case of a crash. The powertrains for the 2022 models will be the same as the 2021versons. Check out the new Formula One car when it’s revealed in February.

A New Vantage F1 Edition is Set to Arrive

There will be a hardcore driver’s car that brings the glory of the Vantage to life with an incredible level of power and performance for everyone to admire. This new car is the Vantage F1 Edition which will have the same engine as a Mercedes-AMG GT but offers a lot more hardcore performance bits for the experience desired on any road or track.

Power for this new Vantage comes from a 4.0-liter twin-turbocharged V8 engine that pumps out 527 horsepower and 505 lb.-ft. of torque. This power is routed through an eight-speed automatic transmission to give you enough power at the wheels to reach sixty mph in only 3.6 seconds on your way to a top speed of 195 mph.

The chassis and handling upgrades made to the Aston Martin Vantage F1 Edition make it faster around the Nürburgringthan the standard version of the Vantage by nearly fifteen seconds. That’s a huge difference in the speed, giving owners the amazing performance desired and a car that is a fitting welcome back to Grand Prix racing for this brand.

More Power for the DB11

The new version of the DB11 grand tourer will give owners 25 more horsepower than it has in the past. This car also uses an AMG-sourced V8 engine that can now give 528 horsepower for the drive. The top speed of this incredible car is 192 mph, which means you might want to take this car out to the track for some fun.

If the V8 isn’t powerful enough for your driving desires, you can choose a model that has the 5.2-liter twin-turbocharged engine for the DB11, and it can be found in the Aston Martin DBS as well. The DBS no longer wears the Superleggera name and is not only called the DBS, which is only one of the name changes that we see. The DB11 does not have an AMR name for any of the models. These name changes won’t mean much, just that you don’t have to add the extra effort to say the longer names.

New Shoes for Aston

The new version of the DBS does receive a new set of 21-inch wheels, which we will also see for the new Vantage. If you were looking at some of the additional upgrades for the Aston Martin lineup, you’ll see the DBX SUV can be had with optional 23-inch wheels, Sport Plus Seats, and wireless device charging.

A New Game and Website Appearance

A new look to the website gives us the style and the impressive feeling you’re looking for when you want to see what this brand has to offer. When you visit the site, you’ll see a new online configurator that allows you to design the Aston Martin car you might want to enjoy. This new configurator is similar to a video game, giving you tons of great ways to add items and see how the car and the engine will look and perform when you build it the way you want to.

More for the Future

We can quickly see what the 2022 model year brings to make us love this Aston Martin brand as much as we have for several decades. As we look past the current year to see what’s going to be offered in the future, we can expect this brand to move into fully electric models that can give us the power and performance desired.

By 2025, this brand will offer EV versions of the DB11 and Vantage. An electric SUV is also expected for this brand by 2030 to give us the style and roominess needed for family driving. By this later year, this brand expects to offer at least half of the models with zero-emission powertrains to advance this brand toward the future of electric driving.

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