The Wheels that Capture the Ford GT Spirit

The Wheels that Capture the Ford GT Spirit

The heritage of the Ford GT is one that’s strong in the racing world giving you a car that found its way to the Winner’s Circle many times.

This is a car that captured the racing glory at Le Mans in the 1960s and then again when it emerged as one of the most incredible supercars on the market in 2016. This car is one that stands out in any crowd and it brings a dynamic and impressive look and feel to the drive for anyone looking for an amazing car to enjoy on the road or out on the track when the mood is right.

Owners are Looking for the Right Wheels

Even though the Ford GT is immortalized in the racing world, the car isn’t offered with the wheels that look like the ones that were worn as this car races around the famous Circuit de la Sarthe in 2016. With that in mind, the wheels that truly capture the look and the aggressive nature of this racing car are designed by BBS and are called the BBS FI-R. These wheels are made of forged aluminum and are inspired by the wheels on the Ford GT that made its way to Le Mans and those wheels were made by BBS.

Easy Fitting for the Ford GT

The new BBS FI-R wheels that are offered are designed to fit directly onto your Ford GT if that’s the car that you drive and love when you head out on the road or go to the track. It helps that BBS is the supplier of OE to the Ford GT, making it easy for the team to know how to make the right wheels that can fit on the car and give you the drive you’re after. These wheels don’t compromise your drive and make it easy for you to have the ride you want out on the road and at the track.

Performance in the BBS Wheels

These highly engineered wheels are made to exceed the performance of the factory GT wheels. Every spoke has been optimized for strength, stiffness, and weight. The BBS FI-R wheels are more than 18 pounds lighter than the standard wheels that are offered on the Ford GT models that we see on the market. These wheels have been meticulously milled from forged aluminum and are stiffer than the standard wheels of the GT to make them perform better than what you find as the standard fare on this supercar.

A Proven Commodity for the Ford GT

There are carbon fiber wheels on the market, but for wheel applications, carbon fiber hasn’t been proven for long-term use. The Ford GT is a supercar, but it’s a supercar that can be driven on the streets and at the track. These new BBS wheels are designed to perform at the track and then carry the car home to your driveway without giving way or becoming a problem for you at all. IF you want the right wheels for your Ford GT that offer the look and style of the Le Mans model, the BBS FI-R wheels are perfect for you.

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