Ford Flex SUV is a Unique Alternative to SUV Driving

Ford Flex SUV is a Unique Alternative to SUV Driving

When you want an SUV but you’re looking for one that’s made for city driving while giving you the large size you need, the Ford Flex SUV is what you want to drive. This big SUV is built lower to the ground to be considered an urban SUV which can fit three rows of passengers and offer lots of cargo room for you. The Flex is strong and capable, making the drive right for you.

Accessibility is Easier in the Flex

Whether you’re looking for a vehicle that can be fitted to a person in your life with disabilities or you simply want an easy way to get in and out of your SUV, the For Flex gives you what you need. This SUV has a low stance to ensure you can handle loading and unloading easier than in vehicles that sit much higher.

Enjoy the Flexible Seating Options of the Ford Flex SUV

You’ll find two seating configurations in the Ford Flex. Either you have a middle bench that allows for seven passengers or you’ll find second-row captain’s chairs and room for six to enjoy the drive. The third row folds flat with the use of a power button to make sure you have an easy way to load the rear. You can also use the tailgate seating feature and sit facing the rear.

Safety Features for this Large Ford SUV

The standard safety features offered for the Ford Flex gives you a rearview camera and rear parking sensors. You may find a model that has blind-spot monitoring, adaptive cruise control, and forward-collision warning if you have one of the higher trim levels. Find the right version for you and know that you’ll have the safety you need for your drive.

Find a Ford Flex with the More Powerful Engine

The Limited trim level of the Flex is powered by an impressive 3.5-liter EcoBoost V6 engine that makes 365 horsepower to give you the drive you desire. This is tons of power for the drive and a quality engine that can help you when it’s time to put the Flex to work towing a large trailer or heading up some large hills with a big load behind it.

More Traction offered for this Ford

Every model of the Ford Flex comes equipped with AdvanceTrac with Roll Stability Control to give you the traction control you need when you’re driving. You can also choose a model that has AWD to ensure you have power going to all four wheels. The Flex can shift power between the front and rear wheels to give you the best handling and stability on the road.

The Right Infotainment System in the Ford Flex SUV

Enjoy the connectivity of the Ford Sync 3 infotainment system in the Flex. This system can automatically pair your mobile device when you start it. This means you won’t have to spend time connecting every time you get ready for a drive. Just get in, start the vehicle, and know you’re connected and ready to go. The sounds of the music you love will come to your ears through an impressive sound system to make the Flex a pleasure for you to drive.

Get Connected More Completely

Do you use Siri, Google Assistant, or Amazon Alexa in your home? You can stay connected to these features through the Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connection found in the Ford Flex. These features make it much easier for you to control your phone from the touchscreen and through the voice commands that you use every day.

The Ford Flex has a Unique Look

No other SUV in the market looks quite like the Ford Flex. This large SUV is attractive, inviting, imposing, and ready to handle your drive. You’ll love the square exterior with contrasting curves at the corners to soften the appearance. This SUV is one that can ride big but also handle the rigors of the city when you get behind the wheel and go where you need to every day.

Find Your Flex Today

There’s only one place for you to find the Ford Flex you want to take home and drive. Visit your local Ford dealer and ask them about the Flex models they have in stock. This SUV is likely to be offered with several great discounts and financing programs to make it one of the most affordable large SUVs you’ve ever driven. Get behind the wheel and let this big brute become your convenient family hauler right now.


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