The BMW 3 Series Shows Up with Excellent Power

The BMW 3 Series Shows Up with Excellent Power

The BMW 3 Series Shows Up with Excellent Power

The newest edition of the BMW 3 Series does more than just update the most popular BMW sedan that we drive, it also opens the door for the Ultimate Driving Machine, the M3, to be upgraded and ready to drive as well. The new 2020 M340i and M340i xDrive will be the most powerful 3 series models that aren’t actually the M3 so far. That means we may see an M3 in the near future that will pack an even more incredible amount of power under the hood for the driving pleasure we want.

These Two Give You an Amazing BMW Drive

When you choose either of the M340i models, you’re going to have the benefits of the upgraded and seriously improved six-cylinder engine from BMW. This engine is strong enough to give you 382 horsepower and 369 lb.-ft. of torque for the drive. This car now has less weight than in the past and it can be had with the M Performance items you want with special tuning and an M Sport rear differential to give you more of the qualities you want. This car is capable of reaching the mark of sixty mph in only 4.2 seconds to offer you a quick and decisive drive.

BMW Makes the Drive Right in the M340i Models

Both versions of this car are equipped with a standard eight-speed Sport Steptronic automatic transmission. This transmission is equipped with launch control to make it a car that you can show off and impress your friends on the road. BMW has also added a long list of safety technology to let you be confident when you drive on a winding road to make it easier for you to have the quality ride you’re looking for.

This BMW is Balanced and Lighter

One of the most admirable aspects we’ve loved about the 3 Series models from BMW has been the weight balance. This car offers you a 50:50 split from the front to the rear of the weight while offering you a car that’s 25 percent more rigid than the outgoing model. The body has been modified to offer you a trimming of 44 pounds while also cutting the drag coefficient to make this a car that can cut through the wind much better and be lighter in the process of the drive that will make you smile.

A Car We Can Look Forward to Seeing

The new BMW 3 Series, in the M340i build, will be shown at the Los Angeles Auto Show later this month. If the power figures of this car sound familiar, it’s because the new BMW Z4 has similar numbers for the drive. When this car makes its debut at the end of the month, we’re going to see a car that brings us what we want in the right car. Next up, is the BMW M3, and you can bet that car is going to be absolutely incredible when it arrives.

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