2024 BMW: Unveiled Exciting Innovations

2024 BMW: Unveiled Exciting Innovations

The new 2024 BMW lineup has some seriously impressive upgrades and innovations. With more EVs heading our way, this German brand is bringing some serious heat.

Whether you want to drive a tech-rich traditional car from BMW or you’re looking for the next great EV from this luxury brand, you’re in luck. The all-new i5 gives us a new, fully-electric version of the classic 5 Series sedan while the i7 does the same for the 7 Series. Let’s take a look at some of the impressive upgrades in the BMW lineup, giving us more of what we want.

The BMW 3 Series boasts more power

The new Competition Sport version of the BMW 3 Series is the top performance model in the lineup. This GT3-inspired car gives you more power than the traditional M3, making it an even more powerful ultimate diver. The Competition Sport model delivers 543 horsepower to the wheels, which is 40 more than the M3 Competition. This new M3 version has a lighter crankshaft, improved cylinder heads, model-specific oil supply and cooling systems, and more boost. This car is lighter and ready to take on the track where it belongs.

Tech upgrades for the 4 Series

The 2024 BMW lineup brings improved tech for advanced electronics and entertainment. Every version of the 4 Series receives BMW’s curved display with a 14.9-inch infotainment screen. Next to this is a 12.3-inch configurable instrument cluster to give you the desired gauge readings. The 4 Series lineup also features a Wi-Fi hotspot, which is an option for every trim. The M340i and M440i models receive wireless charging and added lumbar support for the front seats. These upgrades make the BMW 4 Series more comfortable, tech-rich, and engaging for those who want to drive this impressive BMW coupe.

An i4 to fill the gap

When the BMW i4 arrived in the market, a gap was created The lineup features a single-motor RWD model and the dual-motor AWD M50 version. Unfortunately, consumers haven’t had an alternative to the M50 model to enjoy two motors and better driving range. That is, until now. A new dual-motor AWD model hits the market to offer greater driving rang than the M50. The only drawback is that it has less power than the i4 M50, but that’s probably a fair tradeoff. The M50 also receives new standard lumbar support, heated front seats, and wireless smartphone technology.

Did BMW give the Z4 more?

The new 2024 BMW Z4 is mostly a carryover model, but a few important changes could make this sports car more fun. The M40i model receives a new six-speed manual transmission, which is everything a driving enthusiast desires in a sports car. This version also has the aggressive rear axle from the M240i. If you choose the M40i model, you’ll also enjoy an improved suspension with stiffer anti-roll bars, upgraded steering, and recalibrated adaptive dampers. These upgrades make this version of the Z4 more fun to drive by adding performance bits that can improve your track time or fun on a winding road.

A brand new 5 Series

The 2024 model brings us a new generation of the midsize 5 Series sedan. This impressive BMW has a complete range of powertrains and choices. You can enjoy the all-electric i5, a hybrid model, or the traditional versions, including the 530i and 540i. The 5 Series receives the same curved display as the 4 Series. This new infotainment system allows gameplay when the car is parked, making it much easier to enjoy your charging time when you have the i5, or your time waiting for your kids while they practice sports, music, or enjoy other activities.

Improving the 7 Series flagship

The 2024 BMW 7 Series received some impressive improvements this year. A new plug-in hybrid model joins the lineup. This new model is the 750e xDrive which delivers 483 horsepower to the wheels while offering twice the electric driving range of the previous 7 Series PHEV. The base 7 Series has heated rear seats, giving you more comfort for your passengers. There are more options for this flagship model, including an Alcantara headliner, front ventilated seats, and a Panoramic Sky Lounge LED roof.

These impressive BMW upgrades give us more of what we want when it’s time to take a drive in one of these amazing luxury cars. Which of the 2024 BMW upgrades will be part of the car that you love to drive? With so many to choose from, it could be hard to decide.

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