The Dodge Charger Lives On

The Dodge Charger Lives On

Dodge recently revealed that the new Charger will be offered as an EV and a new generation of the gas-powered muscle car.

The Dodge Charger will soon reappear at your Dodge dealer after all. By offering both options, Dodge aims to capture more buyers and diversify sales and production, as EV sales aren’t as brisk as expected.

Daytona EV Coming Soon

To put this plan into action, the new 2024 Charger EV is scheduled to go on sale at your Dodge dealer in the summer of 2024. Dubbed the Daytona, it will represent the first EV from the Dodge brand. A new generation of gas-powered Charger models is expected in 2025.

It was initially thought that Dodge might abandon the Charger as a gas-powered model entirely. Still, with EV sales slower than expected, the automaker has decided to offer both a traditional gas model and an EV. That rumor turned out to be solid as Dodge originally said that the Charger and Challenger gas models would be discontinued and replaced with EVs.

Ultimate Performance EV ‘Banshee’

The Dodge CEO maintains that the new Charger EV will be a game-changer, while also revealing that the new gas-powered models will take performance to the next level. The upcoming Banshee EV is expected to be the ultimate performance model for the Dodge brand.

Meanwhile, the 2024 Charger Daytona is no slouch either with 670 horsepower and 627 pound-feet of torque. It can reach 60 MPH from a standstill in only 3.3 seconds. The two-door models will be revealed first, then four-door versions should come out early next year. The next generation of gas-powered Charger models is slated for a 2025 release with an inline-six engine.

Pricing TBA

Prices for the upcoming EV and gas models are expected to be revealed closer to the production date. The last current starting prices for the Charger were between $33,00 and $96,000. To keep production costs down, the Charger will come in two-door and four-door models to effectively merge the Challenger and Charger styles.

Dodge has also revealed that the EV and gas models will have similar designs for the exterior and interior. This too, is expected to keep costs down and streamline production. When asked about whether the EV models will be profitable, the Dodge CEO maintained that the automaker won’t sell EV models at a loss to boost sales or meet any new fuel economy standards.

That response seems to indicate that Dodge expects the new EV models to be profitable, or they might be discontinued in the future. Compared to other brands, Dodge has continued rolling out high-performance vehicles despite their lack of fuel efficiency.

Daytona Specs

The new Dodge Charger Daytona EV will initially come in an R/T model with 496 horsepower and a Scat Pack model with 670 horsepower. The R/T model should deliver about 317 miles of range on a full charge, while the Scat Pack should deliver about 260 miles. Both models will include the PowerShot feature that adds an extra 40 horsepower for 15 seconds when activated.

At the very least, performance enthusiasts can look forward to the new gas models if the EV doesn’t deliver.

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